Age 93

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Age 93

Occult Ordination



Official Information

World of Legends




Muga Gaming


Tuesday Sept 7, 2021 @ 18:00 GMT


Saturday Nov 20, 2021 @ 00:00 GMT

Duration (in days):


Occult Ordination - current Age on World of Legends server.

Original details can be found in the forums here:

Our second round with the unique Dual Race choice!

Mechanical Changes


  • Primary Race pick determines the Base Military Units (listed in each Race's units entry) and the racial Building bonus, Spell Lists are combined
  • Elite Unit values are determined by the primary pick Base Elite plus the secondary pick adjustment; secondary pick does not grant the racial Building bonus
  • Only gain the Penalties of the primary Race pick
  • Half-blooded race pairings no longer gain +50% Birth Rate
  • Same Race pairing no longer provides Town Watch

Exploration & Buildings

  • Libraries - Base Effect lowered to 1.25%, Max Effect 31.25%
  • Universities - Scientist Generation Base Effect lowered to 2%, Max Effect 50%


  • Resilience scaling will be the same as Tactics/Strategy

Military, Attacking & Defending

  • Base Military Units values increased (check [[1]] entries for values)
  • Soldiers are .25nw per point
  • Specialists are .4nw per offense point, .5nw per defense point
  • Elites have 0.36*off_points+0.45*def_points nw, rounded to the nearest .25
  • Prisoners are .2nw per offense point
  • War Horses are .3nw per offense point
  • Wizards and Thieves are 5 nw
  • Learn Attack now captures Science Books in War, with reduced Gains (50%)
  • Learn Attack amount of MAP (Multi-Attack Protection) generated increased by 75%
  • Learn Attack Gains adjusted (allocated Book gains decreased ~20% while Gains from unallocated Books roughly doubled)
  • Military Training Time bonus now includes Thieves


  • Unfriendly Relations threshold increased from 10 to 15 points
  • War Win score formula modified


  • Rune Cost formula has been adjusted, resulting in lower costs at small acre size and slightly higher costs at bigger acre size
  • Aggression - adjusted bonus/penalty to +2/-2
  • Amnesia - difficulty and rune cost increased significantly; and successful Casts will display the target's current Science Effectiveness
  • Anonymity - availability changed to All
  • New spell: Mind Focus - increases Wizard Production by 50% (Cost and Difficulty as Patriotism)


  • Reverted Dragon Cost Mods to previous values (Age 89)
  • Adjusted Dragon HP Mods to previous scaling values: Sapphire 6.375, Topaz 6.375, Amethyst 7.65, Ruby 7.65, Emerald 9.5625