Age 96

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Age 96

THe Eternal Rift



Official Information

World of Legends




Muga Gaming


Monday Apr 11, 2022 at 18:00 GMT


Saturday Jun 25, 2022 at 00:00 GMT

Duration (in days):


The Eternal Rift - current Age on World of Legends server.

Original details can be found in the forums here:

The Half Blood population has been infected with a vicious virus that turned them into the living dead replenishing the Undead forces. All Half Bloods have been exterminated by the virus leaving behind only the True Blood population. The races have come together to specialize and brought back Personalities to fill the void left by the Half Bloods extinction to fend off the Undead invasion. Unfortunately, the Halfling race bore the brunt of the invasion and were the first to be forced to retreat from Utopia leaving behind their Gnome brethren. In addition unable to put up a fight the Dryad race has fled into the forests disappearing within the trees.

Mechanical Changes

  • Base Attack time reduce to 14 hours (note the change to in war attack times)
  • Offense Specialists converting into Elites on successful Traditional Marches is being removed as a general mechanic to all Races.

Exploration & Buildings

  • Guard Stations will now also protect against Learn attacks (Universities will no longer protect against Learn attacks)

Military, Attacking & Defending

  • Force Ceasefire is now 4 Utopian Months
  • Starting War Win points for all Kingdoms will be increased significantly
  • War Win Points formula will be modified slightly to increase the amount of points awarded for war wins
  • War Win Chart will be viewable throughout the age
  • War Win Points will be shown on Kingdom Page
  • Defensive FCF can now be used irrespective of war range
  • When FCF is used while in war range while outside war the following two penalties occur:
  • If Defensive FCF is used in war range, the defender will pay (to the Aggressor) up to 3% of the defender’s total kingdom honor based on relative kingdom networth, and the aggressor will receive war win points (the defender will not lose any War Win points)
  • If Aggressive FCF is used in while the defender is in war range, the aggressor will receive war win points.
  • FCF will award war win points based on a percentage of a war win by the aggressor against the defender. If the two kingdoms are equal in networth and war win points, the aggressor would receive 10% of what they would receive from a war win. This will scale as high as 40% against a kingdom at max relative NW and significantly higher war win points, or as low as 0% against a kingdom that is below 50% of the aggressor’s war win points. We would expect a kingdom waving smaller kingdoms for CF with identical war win points to need between 20 and 40 FCFs to equal a single war win against one of those kingdoms.
  • Mercenary & Prisoners offense increased to 8
  • Dungeon Capacity reduction to 30
  • Soldiers changed to 3/3, 1.5 networth


  • War: Will no longer have draft speed bonus, training time reduction and build time reduction (This includes End of War Ceasefire)
  • +25% Draft Speed is being removed
  • -25% Build Time is being removed
  • -25% Train Time is being removed
  • 12 Hour Phase In -25% Attack Time reduce to -15% Attack Time


  • Significantly reduce the difficulty to gather Intel inside EOWCF to outside Kingdoms
  • Crystal Ball reduced to 1 Mana cost


  • Onslaught: Increases Offensive Military Efficiency (OME) by 10% and -20% Military Wages
  • Godspeed: -10% Attack Time and +10% Combat Gains
  • Expropriation: +20% Honor Gains, +20% Credits gained in Combat and increase Enemy Military Casualties on your Attacks by 20%
  • Stalwart: Increase Defensive Military Efficiency (DME) by 10% and decrease Military Casualties by 20%
  • Barrier: -20% received Instant Spell Damage and Sabotage Damage
  • Havoc: Increases Offensive Thieves per acre (TPA) and Wizards per acre (WPA) by 20%
  • Affluent: Income +20% and +25% Birth Rate (+25% Draft Speed removed)
  • Expedient: -25% Training Costs , -20% Construction Time and -25% Construction Costs (-20% Military Training Time removed)


  • Amnesia - Accessible by all Races
  • Tree of Gold - Rune Cost increased by 100%
  • Support Spell List

- Minor Protection - Greater Protection - Fertile Lands - Magic Shield - Natures Blessing - Love and Peace - Builders Boon - Inspire Army - Hero's Inspiration - Patriotism - Illuminate Shadows - Wrathful Smite - Divine Shield - Fanaticism