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Dragons are creatures that help to disturb target Kingdom.

Monarch and Stewards can choose which Dragon type and the target Kingdom.

When Dragon is chosen, provinces can donate money for funding.

When the Dragon is sent to an opposing kingdom, it will wreak havoc on their lands - reducing income, food production and lowering the draft rate of a province. The Dragon will continue its work for five full months (120 ticks) or until slain by the enemy kingdom's forces.

Dragon's Behavior

  • All dragons result in 10% lower income, 10% lower food production, the loss of 20% of new draftees, and destroy 3% of buildings every 6 ticks.
  • Troops will slay a dragon at their respective strength. Every soldier sent will destroy strength in the amount of its offense. If a soldier is worth 1/0, it will cause +1 damage per soldier towards the slaying of the dragon. If your elite is 7/5, it will cause +7 damage per troop towards the slaying of the dragon.
  • Thieves and Wizards CANNOT be used to slay a dragon.
  • Some races or personalities may receive a bonus to dragon slaying strength of all troops (including soldiers)
  • All provinces can boost their dragon slaying strength by investing in Valor science.
  • Dragons will fly away on their own on the dawning of the 6th Utopian month; having lasted for a total of 120 utopian days.
  • Dragons send range is from 20% smaller to 25% larger in relation to kingdoms networth. Dragon send range will be removed when targeting a Kingdom you are at war with.
  • Monarchs and Stewards have the option to start a dragon project. Once a dragon project is started a Fund Dragon menu link will appear in the navigation area for all qualified provinces to help funding the dragon project. When fully funded, only the Monarch or Steward(s) will have the ability to send the dragon.
  • Provinces in protection may not fund or slay a dragon.
  • Once a kingdom receives a Dragon, a menu link will appear in the affected players navigation area allowing them access to the Slay Dragon section.
  • A dragon will automatically be cancelled upon the commencement of a EOWCF. Dragons are NOT automatically cancelled when a regular ceasefire or forced ceasefire happens.

Dragon Types & Effects

Dragon Type
Amethyst Emerald Ruby Sapphire Topaz

-7.5% Science Efficiency

+20% Military Casualties & -15% Attack gains

-10% Military Efficiency

-25% Thievery & Magic Effectiveness

-25% Building Efficiency

All dragons result in
  • 10% lower income,
  • 10% lower food production,
  • the loss of 20% of new draftees,
  • and destroy 3% of buildings every 6 ticks.

Dragon Cost

Dragon Cost is determined at the time the dragon is started.

A simple summary:

  • Sapphire/Topaz - Cheaper, health reduced
  • Amethyst/Ruby - Slightly more expensive, more health
  • Emerald - A lot more expensive, health increased significantly
Dragon Cost = (Dragon Type Cost Mod * Cost Metric)
Cost Metric = Target Kingdom NW * 0.656
Dragon Type Cost Mod
Sapphire 2
Topaz 2
Amethyst 2.4
Ruby 2.4
Emerald 3

Dragon HP

Dragon HP is determined at the time the dragon is sent.

Dragon HP = Dragon Type HP Mod * Relations Modifier * (Receiving Kingdom NW / 132)
Dragon Type HP Mod
Sapphire 6.375
Topaz 6.375
Amethyst 7.65
Ruby 7.65
Emerald 9.5625
Relations Relations Modifier
Relations: None 0.5
Relations: Unfriendly 0.5
Relations: Hostile 0.75
Relations: War 1

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