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Categorizing Pages makes it easier to navigate and ensure your pages will be less likely to become isolated as the Utopia Wiki grows in size. This also ensures that your page will be placed into the general A-Z Index. Check out the A-Z Index to determine what existing categories there are and which category your article would best fall in.

Be sure to click on the category after you have decided, as each category has a format for their articles as well as their own header styles which are normally covered there.

How to Categorize a Page

Including ''[[Category:Name]]'' in the text of any editable page causes that page to be placed in a category called Name. This link will not show up where it appears in the text, but a corresponding link will appear in the "Categories" box at the bottom of the page.

Check Existing Categories to see whether your article fits into one of the existing categories, rather than creating a new Category type.