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This is part of the Utopia WIKI Help Guide Series.

This Page references Utopia Wiki's official guide to Creating A New Page. Please use common sense.

Before Creating A New Page

Consider creating the article on your user page first. If you have a user id, (which you must have if you are considering creating a new article), you also have your own area to start working on a new article; you can get it in shape there, take your time, and only move it into the "live" Utopia Wiki once you feel you are done.

The Process

Search for the Article. Type in the title of the article you want to create, and click Go.

  • If the article does exist on the subject under a different title or as a subheading, it would be best to create a Redirect.
  • If there are no relevant threads to your topic, and you wish to carry on with the creation of your article, click on the "create this page" link.


For a Formatting Guide, be sure to check out our guide on Formatting. Also feel free to refer to the formatting Cheatsheet.

Categorizing Pages

Categorizing Pages makes it easier to navigate and ensure your pages will be less likely to become isolated as the Utopia Wiki grows in size. This also ensures that your page will be placed into the general A-Z Index. Check out the A-Z Index to determine what existing categories there are and which category your article would best fall in.

Be sure to click on the category after you have decided, as each category has a format for their articles as well as their own header styles which are normally covered there.