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This is part of the Utopia WIKI Help Guide Series.

This Page references Utopia Wiki's official guide to Templates. Please use common sense.

A template is a page created explicitly for transclusion - the process of including the contents of one page within another page. Any page can be transcluded, but templates are designed specifically for that purpose, usually for repetitive material that might need to show up on any number of Wikimedia articles or pages.

Templates may contain plain text, wikitext, HTML and/or CSS, or even other templates, and they have some limited programming capacities: customizable values (called parameters), calculation and branchings (using parser functions), and access to wiki-specific variables (magic words), such as dates, times, and page names.

Creating, Editing & Using Templates

Creating a New Template

You start a new template in the same way you would start a normal page. The only difference is that its title must be in the form of Template:templatename. Once you have made the template, you can add ''{{templatename}}'' to the pages you want to use it on. Every page using this template will get the same text, each time a user visits it. When the template is updated, all pages containing the template tag will be automatically updated.

Editing an Existing Template

If the template you want to edit looks like ''{{Table}}'', you would go to '''Template:Table''' to edit it. To get there, type in the URL to your address bar, or look for it below. Once you are there, just click "edit" and edit it in the same way you would any other page. Please be aware that your edit might affect many pages, so be cautious.

Using an Existing Template

To use a template in an article or page, a template tag (always of the form {{template name}} is added where you want the template to appear.

List of Templates on UtoWiki

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