Hostile Meter

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Significance of the Hostility Meter

When a party hits 30 points they become Hostile to the kingdom which they hit/opped. Unfriendly status requires 15 points to achieve.

If both kingdoms reach Hostile relations, the kingdom with fewer meter points may declare war. When 90 points are reached by both kingdoms, either one can declare.

On the first of each Utopian Month, both hostility meters decay by one fifth (20%) or 3 points, whichever is greater.

Attacks, Spells, Ops and How they Move the Meter

Different successful attack types, spells and thievery operations add to the hostility meter at varying levels of intensity. The attacks add to the meter according to the figures given below.

Traditional Marches, Conquests, Razes, Plunders, Massacres, Learns

All these attacks add 3 points to the hostility meter per hit.

Ambushes and Bounces

Ambushes add 1.5 points to the meter.
Bounces will affect the meter based on offense vs defense sent (i.e. a failed attack with greater than 75% offense sent would move the meter equivalent to 50% of a successful Traditional March).


Dragons add 30 points to the hostility meter.

Spells and Thievery Operations

Spell Relations Required Value
Storms Normal 0.02
Drought Normal 0.02
Gluttony Normal 0.03
Magic Ward Unfriendly 0.05
Chastity Unfriendly 0.05
Sloth Unfriendly 0.05
Greed Normal 0.05
Abolish Ritual Unfriendly 0.05
Lightning Strike Normal 0.06
Pitfalls Normal 0.06
Explosions Normal 0.06
Fireball Unfriendly 0.08
Tornadoes Unfriendly 0.1
Blizzard Unfriendly 0.1
Expose Thieves Unfriendly 0.12
Fool's Gold Unfriendly 0.14
Mystic Vortex Unfriendly 0.15
Nightmares Unfriendly 0.15
Land Lust Unfriendly 0.2
Meteor Showers Unfriendly 0.25
Thievery Operation Relations Required Value
Free Prisoners Normal 0.01
Rob the Granaries Normal 0.02
Bribe Generals Normal 0.03
Bribe Thieves Normal 0.03
Rob the Towers Normal 0.03
Kidnap Normal 0.04
Rob the Vaults Normal 0.04
Arson Normal 0.05
Steal War Horses Normal 0.06
Incite Riots Normal 0.06
Greater Arson Unfriendly 0.07
Night Strike Unfriendly 0.08
Sabotage Wizards Unfriendly 0.08
Assassinate Wizards Unfriendly 0.1

Detailed: Effects of Moving the Meter & Changing Relations


No Effects


  • A Dragon sent to an unfriendly KD will only have 50% health points.


  • A Dragon sent to a hostile KD will only have 75% health points.
  • You get some honor bonuses from ops
  • Mana costs of offensive spells decreases to 2%
  • Stealth costs of offensive operations decreases to 2%


  • A Dragon sent in war has full health
  • Dragon networth range is removed when targeting a kingdom you are at war with
  • Decreased Gangbang Protection
  • 80% Protection from hits from kingdoms outside the war (phasing in over 24h)
  • Decreased Train and Build Time by 25%
  • Decreased Attack Time (phasing in) by 25% after 12 hours