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List of User Commands

KNOCK /knock #channel <reason> Knock on a channel to request an invite (+i only channels)
NOTICE /notice <nick>/#<chan> <message> Sends a notice to the specified target.
INVITE /invite <nick> #chan Invites a user to #channel. You must be @/&/~ to use this command.
OMSG /omsg <msg> Sends a message to all the ops (@/&/~) in the channel.
AMSG/AME /amsg or ame <msg> Sends a message to all the channels you are in

Be warned This is one of the easiest ways to annoy people

ADMIN /admin Provides information about the server
CYCLE /cycle Cycles a channel - same as a /hop but no user is allowed to enter in this period.
AWAY /away <reason> Sets you Away with message <reason>. If you are already away, it sets you as Back.
ISON /ison <nick> Determines if <nick> is online.
JOIN /join #<chan> Makes you join #channel. If #chan = #0,0 - this will make you leave all channels.
LIST /list Lists all channels on the server that are public.
MOTD /motd Displays the Message of the Day.
NICK /nick <newnick> Changes your nickname to newnick
PART /part #chan Makes you part #channel
QUIT /quit <msg> Quits IRC with msg
RULES /rules Displays the Rules of the Server
SETNAME /setname <name> Changes your Real Name without you having to disconnect.
TOPIC /topic #channel

/topic #channel <newtopic>

Brings up the current topic

Changes the topic to newtopic

NOTIFY /notify <nick> Puts <nick> on a notify list, and a message shows up in your status whenever the user is online.
WHOIS /whois <nick> Returns info of a user who is online, such as real nick, hostname, channels they are in.
WHOWAS /whowas <nick> Returns the /whois info of a user that is no longer online

List of User Modes

Syntax /mode <yournickname> +/-<type>
Type Decription
B Marks you as a bot

Your /whois will show something similar to this - Asian is a Bot on UtoNet

R You will only be able to receive messages from Users that are Registered and identified with NickServ
s <snomask> +s/+k Sets server notice masks
w Can listen to Wallop messages
x Hides your hostname

List of Channel Modes

To use any of these modes, you must be at least the level indicated by the letter in the brackets following the description of the mode. The modes can be set by typing:

/mode #channel +/-modeletter parameters

% requires at least halfop, @ requires at least chanop, ~ requires owner

Modeletter Access Required Description
a <nickname> ~ Gives channel admin(+a) to the user
b <mask>  % Bans users matching the ban mask from the channel
C @ No CTCPs allowed in the channel
c @ Block messages containing mIRC color codes
e <nick/mask> @ Overrides a ban for matching users
f <antiflood options> @ Channel flood protection
G @ Filters out Utopia Kingdom Locations with ##:##
h <nick> @ Gives Half Op (limited op) status to a user
i  % Makes the channel invite-only (temporary)
k @ /KNOCK is not allowed.
k <key>  % Users must specify a key to join in the form /join #channel <key>
L <chan2> ~ Links a channel. If the user limit specified by +l is reached, the next user trying to join will be redirected to <chan2>
l <number> @ Channel may only hold <number> of users at most
M @ Must be a registered user to talk
m  % Moderated channel (only +vhoaq may speak)
N @ No nickname changes in the channel are allowed.
n  % Users outside the channel cannot send messages into the channel
o <nick> @ Gives @ status to a user (temporary)
p @ Makes a channel private (temporary)
Q @ No kicking of users allowed
q <nick> ~ Gives ~ status to a user (temporary)
R @ Only registered users may join the channel
S @ Strips mIRC color codes
s @ Secret channel
T @ No notices allowed in the channel
t  % Only +hoaq may change the topic
u ~ /names and /who #channel only show channel ops
V @ /INVITE is not allowed
v <nick>  % Gives + to a user (temporary)


UtoNet supports the basic bantypes in the form of: nick!user@host

Bans that match against IP addresses are also available (eg: *!*@128.*) and are also always checked.

Extended bantypes

Extended bans look like ~<prefix>:<mask,nick,etc>.

Prefix Ban Type Explanation
~q quiet People matching these bans can join but are unable to speak, unless they have +v or higher. E.g.: ~q:<nick>/<mask>
~n nickchange People matching these bans cannot change nicks, unless they have +v or higher. E.g.: ~n:<mask>/<nick>
~c channel If the user is in this channel then she or he is unable to join. E.g.: ~c:#flamers
~r realname If the Real Name of a person matches this then (s)he is unable to join. E.g.: ~r:*Bot*

Anti Flood Options

Syntax /mode #channel +f [10j]:15
This means 10 joins per 15 seconds are allowed in the channel. If the limit is hit, 
the channel will automatically be set +i, the default action for the j floodtype.
Type Decription Default Action
c CTCPs Auto +C
j Joins Auto +i
k Knocks Auto +K
m Messages/Notices Auto +m M
n Nick Changes Auto +N
t text kick

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