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Within every kingdom there is a private forum. This forum allows players to talk about kingdom politics, coordinate plans, and request for resources. Generally, this is where most players will communicate with each other.

A monarch has the ability to also elect a Royal Chamberlain who will have the ability to moderate the forum.

In war a second, War Forum is created for the two participating kingdoms to communicate with eachother.

When communicating ingame, ensure your tone is formal and/or polite. Avoid using swear words or words which may be misconstrued as foul language.


Within every kingdom there is a private, Intra-Kingdom Chat. This chat allows players to talk online about kingdom politics, coordinate plans, and request for resources.


Private messaging (Utopian Mail) within the game allows players to communicate with players located outside of their kingdom. Generally Monarchs will use this feature to set up wars or establish pacts.

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