Multi-Attack Protection (MAP)

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This is part of the Utopia WIKI Mini Guide Series.

THIS PAGE describes a game mechanism - Multi-Attack Protection (MAP) in utopia. It also aims to discuss the implications of this game mechanism & how others have utilized it. To discuss further implications or ask questions with regards to Multi-Attack Protection (MAP), be sure to check out the discussions page.

Multi-Attack Protection (MAP) (formerly known as Gangbang Protection GBP) is a game mechanism introduced which aims to increase the protection conferred to provinces which have been recently hit.

Effects of Attacking MAP

  • Tax is capped at 15% (vs a max of 99%) once above 25% MAP.
  • The more MAP on your province, the less an attack will gain from you - all other variables being equal.
  • Increase in Military Efficiency.
  • MAP rounds off to the nearest percentage (eg. it can be 20% or 21% but not 20.5%)
  • MAP is almost negligible in War.
MAP Status MAP rating Gains Out of War Gains in War Increase in ME MAP Decay
Not Hit
Moderately Hit
Heavily Hit
Extremely Heavily Hit
3 or 4 if above 79%

Attacking MAP Change

Land Attacks

 A land attack (Traditional March, Raze or Conquest) increases the MAP rating by 2.75 * Percent of Targets land taken. 

For example if a target is attacked for 120 of its 1000 acres (12%) its GBP rating will increase by(12% * 2.75 = 33%) 33 points, taking it from 0% to 33% if previously un hit - enough to put it into the 'moderately hit' section.

Non-Land Attacks

 Non-Land Attacks (Plunder, Learn or Massacre) increase the GBP rating by 0.06 * Current Gains OOW. 

For example if a target with a MAP rating of 20% (and thus Gains OOW of 80%) which is hit for a plunder, it will boost its GBP by (0.06 * 80% = 4.8% rounded off) 5% to 25%.

Thief/Mystic Operations MAP


MAP Decay

 MAP rating naturally decreases every hour by an amount dependent on the current MAP rating as shown in the above table. 

For example if the MAP rating is currently 59% (heavily hit), on the next hour change it will decrease by 2% to 57%.

 MAP also decays whenever the province with MAP makes an attack by the same amount as if it 
had made the attack on itself - except that it decreases the MAP rating rather than increasing it.

Military Effectiveness

 MAP gives a bonus to Military Effectiveness equal to the MAP rating / 7.5 

For example if the MAP rating of a province is 59% (heavily hit) their ME is boosted by (59 / 7.5 = 7.9%) 7.9% - ie. 1.079 times it's current rating.

Uses of MAP

Aid Chained Provinces

If a province gets chained in a war and it is at an obviously disparate size to the rest of the kingdom, what might happen is that the kingdom may approach a friendly kingdom and ask them to hit the chained province with a number of plunders.

This confers MAP on the chained province, which can then be aided with as many soldiers and gc in order to explore him up.

Building a Bank

 !The information or formula below is not up to date. Please refer to the Protection (MAP) discussions tab to contribute to ongoing research or start a new topic.

The tax cap has been used to build up banks before - what happens is that Kingdom A approaches a friendly Kingdom B and asks them to mass plunder