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Rules of the Wiki

This places a great responsibility on you as a contributor and as a member of the Utopia community.

  • Please do not sabotage or misuse the site in any way, doing so will only lead to a ban of your account and/or IP and possible restrictions being placed on who can contribute in the future.
  • Do not publish information on cheating or support investigations. Those matters belong in the public forum.
  • As you add and edit articles please be on the lookout for others who may be misusing this tool and report them to administrators.
    • Before editing an article check that the formula isn't under discussion in the page's discussion tab (above).
  • Please contribute all you can to make this a useful addition to the Utopia community. We want this to take the community interaction of the game to the next level, a place for you to share ideas and collaborate on articles, information, statistics, anything you feel, you, the players of the game are interested in.
  • We would prefer it if you register your Utopia Wiki account under either your irc nick or forum name, but this is not a requirement.

Anyone can contribute to Utopia Wiki by clicking on the Edit this page tab in an article. Before beginning to contribute however, you should check out some handy helping tools such as the tutorials. It is important to realize that in contributing to Utopia Wiki, users are expected to be civil and neutral, respecting all points of view, and only add verifiable and factual information rather than personal views and opinions. Anyone with Web access can edit UtopiaWiki, and this openness encourages inclusion of a tremendous amount of content. Please employ common sense, remain civil and do not deliberately aim to transmit misinformation - this may result in an IP ban.