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Science Categories, Types and Effects

Science Category Type Effect Multiplier
Economy Alchemy Income ~0.0722
Economy Tools Building Effectiveness ~0.0525
Economy Housing Population Limits ~0.0262
Economy Production Food & Rune Production ~0.2494
Economy Bookkeeping Wage Reduction ~0.068
Economy Artisan Construction Time Reduction & Construction Cost Reduction ~0.0471
Warfare Strategy Defensive Military Efficiency ~0.0367
Warfare Siege Battle Gains ~0.0262
Warfare Tactics Offensive Military Efficiency ~0.0422
Warfare Valor Reduced Military Train Time & Increased Dragon Slaying Strength ~0.058
Warfare Heroism Draft Speed & Draft Costs Reduction ~0.0422
Arcane Arts Crime Thievery Effectiveness ~0.15653
Arcane Arts Channeling Magic Effectiveness ~0.18796
Arcane Arts Shielding Reduced Damage from Enemy Thievery and Magic Instant Operations ~0.0314
Arcane Arts Cunning Increased Thievery and Magic Instant Operation Damage ~0.0471
Arcane Arts Invocation Ritual Rune Cost Reduction ~0.0622
Science Bonus = ( # of Books in Type )^(~1/2.125) * Science Multiplier * Race Mod * Personality Mod * Amnesia Effect * Learn Effect * Scientific Insights Mod

Scientists and Books

  • Each province starts with a set number of scientists assigned to the three science Categories (Economy, Warfare, Arcane Arts).
  • Scientists start out as Recruits, then as they progress they provide incrementally greater benefits with each progression.
  • Scientist experience is based on how many books they have produced in that category.
  • Scientists have no networth value.
  • Scientists can be re-assigned at any time, but revert to Recruit level when doing so.
  • Every tick each province builds progress towards a new scientist. Laboratories increase the rate of this progress.
  • Scientists produce a set number of books each tick in the Category they are allocated (Economy, Warfare, Arcane Arts), based on their rank. Schools increase this effect, but only in a single Category selected with a drop-down menu.
  • Books can be allocated to any science Type within the Category they have been produced.
  • Allocated books go into effect instantly.
  • Inactive provinces do not produce books.
Scientists Spawn Rate = X * Race Mod * Laboratories Effect * Revelation Mod
Rank Experience Book Production
Recruit 0-2399 100
Novice 2400-12479 140
Graduate 12480-25439 180
Professor 25440+ 225

Science Networth

Books are worth [0.000007 * Current Land] points.

Obsolete and historical data - saved for reference

Historical information on science systems and formulas can be found here: Science: Obsolete and historical data

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