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Aquiring Science


Each province starts with a set number of scientists assigned to the various science categories. Scientists start out as Recruits that provide no bonus; after 3 Utopian days (3 hours), a Recruit becomes a Novice and begins to provide a bonus to the assigned science category. The scientist then progresses from Novice to Graduate to Professor, providing incrementally greater benefits with each progression. Scientists can be re-assigned at any time, but revert to Recruit level when doing so. Every tick each province has a chance of receiving a new random scientist. Laboratories increase the chance of this occurring. Science generation: 1.5-2/day base. 2.5-3/day with revelation -- add labs effect to that.

Abduct Attacks

Through combat, you can abduct scientists from another province. Universities protect a province from abduction.

Science: The Reference


Alchemy is the art of changing lead to gold. Knowledge in this area will help you increase your daily tax revenues by creating more value out of the resources you have.

Increases your income by +XX.X%


Creating better tools means more efficient workers. By developing this area of knowledge, you will be able to increase the efficiency of buildings throughout your land.

Increases your building effectiveness by +XX.X%


By improving the quality & efficiency of housing throughout your lands, you will be able increase the amount of people living throughout your nation. This provides you the opportunity to substantially increase the size of your province without adding more lands.

Increases your total population by +XX.X%


By researching better food and rune production techniques, you can improve the yield from the farms and towers across your lands. This allows to dedicate more lands to other, more fruitful ventures for your province.

Increases your food and rune production by +XX.X%


Learning better military tactics helps you find new ways to fight battles and improve the strength of your troops. Study here, and your troops be more effective in combat.

Increases your military effectiveness by +XX.X%

Crime & Deceit

Your thieves are training in criminal procedure by the state. Having state knowledge of crime is of great value in making your thieves more effective both in conducting insurgent operations as well as defending your own territories.

Increases your thievery effectiveness by +XX.X%


Magic is a powerful force of the lands. By increasing your knowledge of the history of this art, you can improve your wizards' abilities to cast spells and the amount of potential damage done by successful castings.

Increases your magic effectiveness by +XX.X%

Additional information

  • Science Formulas
  • Science Caps (excluding all racial/personality boosts):
    • Alchemy: 30%, 1 prof=1% = 30
    • Tools: 20%, 1 prof=0.66% = 31
    • Housing: 15%, 1 prof=0.4% = 38
    • Production: 120%, 1 prof=4% = 30
    • Military: 15%, 1 prof=0.4%= 38
    • Crime: 100%, 1 prof=3.33% = 31
    • Channeling: 125%, 1 prof=4% = 32
  • Racial/Personality Boosts to science:
    • Undead: -35% science effectiveness
    • Heretic: +20% magic and thievery effectiveness
    • Mystic: +75% magic effectiveness
    • Rogue: +75% thievery effectiveness
    • Sage: +25% scientist effectiveness
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