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Here are the unit types that are available in Utopia (racial/personality bonuses are not included)
Units Description Offense Defense Cost Networth
Peasants are responsible for working and generating income for your province.
The basic unit for every province. They are drafted from Peasants and can be trained into Specialists, Elites or Thieves. You are not required to pay Wages for Soldiers.
1† 1† Varies 1†
Wizards are required to cast spells. They do not count towards your military size. Check out the Mystics Guide as well as the Mystic Formulas.
The part of your military which will conduct Thievery ops. Be sure to check out Thievery Formulas as well
500gc 5
Sending horses with your attacks adds 1 raw offensive point per horse. You may include up to one horse per military unit sent in combat.
0.8 per point of power
Prisoners are taken from the total number of enemies that would've been killed after an attack, usually at a 2/3 prisoner to total kills ratio - IF there is room in your dungeons for them. Prisoners have no upkeep, every 2 prisoners fills 1 job, and every prisoner produces 0.75gc per hour. About one third of the prisoners sent are lost in the fight. They are then again immediately available to your general. You can use at most 1 Prisoner for every 5† normal troops you send.
0.2 per point of power
You can use at most 1 Mercenary for every 5† normal troops you send.
Defensive Specialist
These troops defend your land only, and are unable to attack.
300gc 0.5 networth per point of power
Offensive Specialist
These troops are used to attack, and are unable to defend.
300gc 0.4 networth per point of power
Elites have offensive as well as defensive strength. Their offensive and defensive values vary from race to race. For Elite values please see the respective Race page.
Varies Varies Varies Varies

Racial and Personality modifiers can increase or decrease this number.


Soldiers Drafted Per Tick

Soldiers Drafted per Tick = Peasants * Draft Speed * Race Bonus * Personality Bonus * Patriotism * Sloth * Dragon * Affluent Ritual * Heroism Science Effect * War Bonus
Modifier Type Active Otherwise
Patriotism 1.3 1
Sloth 0.5 1
Dragons 0.8 1
War 1.25 1
Affluent Ritual 1.2 (if 100% eff. ritual) 1

Draft Cost Formula

Cost of Soldier Drafting = Current Draft Level Factor * Draft Rate * Race Bonus * Personality Bonus * Armouries Mod * Heroism Science Effect


  • Current Draft Level Factor scales base soldier draft cost upwards once 50% of max population is reached
  • Draft Level Factor is MAX(1.0154*((Solds+Ospecs+Dspecs+Elites)/maxpop)^2+1.1759*((Solds+Ospecs+Dspecs+Elites)/maxpop)+0.3633,1)* base rate for level

Draft Rate Formula

Draft Rate = Base Draft Rate * Patriotism Bonus * Affluent Ritual * Heroism Science Effect * War Bonus
Base Draft Rate Draft Speed Cost per soldier
Reservist 0.3% 30gc
Normal 0.6% 50gc
Aggressive 1.0% 75gc
Emergency 1.5% 110gc

Training Formulas

Training Cost = Unit Cost * Race Bonus * Armouries Bonus * Expedient Ritual 
Full training time = 24 * Race Bonus * Personality Bonus * Inspire Army * War Bonus * Expedient Ritual * Valor Science Effect

Maintenance cost

Click here for the Formula