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==July 2011: Arcadia Games bought Utopia==
==July 2011: Arcadia Games bought Utopia==
[[Arcadia Games]] bought Utopia from OMAC.
[[Arcadia Games]] bought Utopia from OMAC.
Ppl like you get all the brains. I just get to say tnhaks for he answer.
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{{Guide navigation}}

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Welcome to Utopia, a world where reality and dreams come together, a world where the lowliest of peasants can become the world's greatest heroes. A world unlike any other that you may have experienced now stands before you. Any peasant can become Lord of their own province, but only the greatest can survive. Being a leader in the world of Utopia will challenge your every skill and demand your careful attention. Without diplomacy and tact, you will never rise to the respect the people demand of you. You must decide when to be ruthless and when to be compassionate. Will you run an empire of might or magic? Perhaps one of cunning and betrayal? Alas, it is almost impossible to do them all. Every decision, every challenge will be yours and yours alone.

Are you ready to be a Lord or Lady here in Utopia? If so, continue onwards...

As Lord or Lady of your lands, you will afterwards make the decisions that affect your people's daily lives. You will draft them into your service, send them off to war, decide when and what spells to cast, what to build, and how your population will live. As you enter the world, you will become more familiar with its workings. This will take time - do not be discouraged if you feel confused or overwhelmed. The Utopia Wiki will help you make your original decisions, and will be perfect for new players willing to discover the Utopian background. Read it as you wish, or learn as you go. Much of this information will be provided as necessary by your scribes, squires, and advisors within Utopia.


1998: Beta Period

Series of Betas, known as the "First Beta", "Long Beta & "Short Beta".

January 1999: Launch

Utopia was Launched by its' Game Creator, Mehul Patel.

Utopia was originally created under the company Solaria Games. It was renamed to Echelon Entertainment, and then in July 2000 was renamed to swirve.com.

3 Servers Existed - World of Legends, Battlefields & Genesis.

July 2008: OMAC acquires Swirve

Mehul Patel & Blake Gifford step down as OMAC acquires Swirve.com.

July 2011: Arcadia Games bought Utopia

Arcadia Games bought Utopia from OMAC.

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