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* [[Getting Started with Utopia]]  
* [[Getting Started with Utopia]]  
* '''Current Age:'''  [[Age 92]]
* '''Current Age:'''  [[Age 93]]
** [[changelog|Change Log '''UPDATED''']]
** [[changelog|Change Log]]
<!-- * [[Creating a Province]] -->
<!-- * [[Creating a Province]] -->
* [[Race]]
* [[Race]]

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Welcome to Utopia, a world like no other, full of war, intrigue, strategy and diplomacy!

I see you are interested in staking your claim in the world of Utopia with a province of your own, my liege. Wonderful! However, there are a few things you should know as you begin your journey. Our advisors have put together this collection of knowledge to help you on your way to becoming a powerful ruler. We encourage all new leaders to take their time to read this wealth of information to learn the intricacies of managing a province in the world of Utopia.

Utopia is one of the oldest running massively multiplayer online browser games. It is a real-time strategy in virtual persistent online fantasy world with Player versus Player and Team versus Team interactions. It is free to play, no downloads are required and you don't need to be online all the time to succeed.

The Game uses a text user interface. For additional questions, join the Discord!

Getting Started

Guides by In-game Menus

Province Information

Internal Management

External Actions

Communication and Intel Collection


External Communication


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