WoL Personalities (Age 45)

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This is a list of the current bonuses and penalties for the Utopian Personalities on the WoL server for Age 45

The Merchant

Ruler Title: The Wealthy

  • +15% Income
  • Immunity to all Income Penalties
  • 75% Money Losses on Plunder Attacks

The Shepherd

Ruler Title: The Humble

  • Land generates 4 bushels of food per acre daily
  • 30% faster military training, building construction, exploring, and scientific research
  • Immunity to food penalties from Drought, Plague, & Storms

The Sage

Ruler Title: The Wise

  • Every 2 Acres of land produces 1 Science Book per Hour
  • 50% Protection from Learn Attacks

The Rogue

Ruler Title: The Rogue

  • +1 Stealth per Hour
  • Access to all thievery operations, including three unique to Rogues

The Mystic

Ruler Title: The Sorcerer

  • Meteor Shower spell
  • All Guilds are twice as effective

The Warrior

Ruler Title: The Warrior

  • 15% Lower Attack Time
  • 50% Land Losses when Ambushed

The War Hero

Ruler Title: The Heroic

  • Access to enhanced Conquest Attack at all times
  • Gain 50% more Specialist and Building Credits
  • +25% Enemy Casualties on Attacks

The Artisan

Ruler Title: The Craftsman

  • All Capacity and Flat Rate Buildings are 25% more Effective
  • 50% Protection of Buildings from Tornadoes, Arson Operations, Raze and Massacre Attacks