Attacking & Calculating an Attack

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This is part of the Utopia WIKI Player written guides.

THIS PAGE is a guide aimed to cover Attacking & Calculating an Attack. It comprises of tips and tricks written by other players, for regular utopians. Please be civil in your discussions if you disagree with a point made on the page.

Before Attacking

  1. Check that your target isn't in a war.
  2. Retrieve your target's defense.
  3. Check if you casted relevant self-spells (War spoils, Quick feet, Fanaticism, Anonymity etc.).
  4. Check that you are sending the right amount and type of troops generals.
  5. Check that you're sending the right number of generals, do NOT send 4 when you need to make more than one hit.
  6. Check the attack type (if you click back when hitting the second time, remember to set it again).
  7. Check if the target is online (he could have casted protective self-spells in order to make you bounce).
  8. Make sure the hour hasn't ticked since you got your intel.
  9. Recheck Intel.
  10. Hit the button.

Retrieving your Target's Defense

  1. Get a Spy on Military

Calculating An Attack

Modified Offense you need to send = (Target Def + 1) 
  • Intel gathered using 5% of your thieves will be accurate.