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This is part of the Utopia WIKI Player written guides.

THIS PAGE is a guide aimed to cover Chaining. It comprises of tips and tricks written by other players, for regular utopians. Please be civil in your discussions if you disagree with a point made on the page.

Full Chains When...

Target has armies home

If the target has armies home, you get to land lock him. With no incoming acres to save him, he will have so many peasants/wizards (can't get rid of peasants and wizards easily) per acre that he can't release and hit.

Advantages Disadvantages
You're certain to cause his offense to desert. This is very difficult to do if he uses elites. Even against strength 2 elites, the extra defense does a lot to prevent doubling.
Peasants don't start leaving before his offense starts deserting, letting him stay high on peasants longer. The desertions cause massive NW drop since his offense leaves too, so you need to hit massively in 1h, at most 2h, meaning that you can't take advantage of defense desertions.

Target has armies out for a few hours

If the target's armies arrive in a few hours, we get to do the same as above with his military out, allowing for easier doubling. The problem here is that his armies will typically bring back land. While 200 acres is what we'll take on a single hit early in the chain, it can easily amount to 4-5 hits later in the chain. If we put the target at 200 acres and armies return home with another 200, he gets to double his size and keep roughly twice as much offense. Meaning that our worst defended province has to be twice as big to stay safe.

Advantages Disadvantages
His armies are out, allowing for much easier doubling. If his armies bring back acres, several of our final hits will be neutralized.
Offense desertion starts about the same time as peasants start leaving, meaning more time for desertions before the peasants are gone. We won't have as much time for it, if people are late they miss out entirely.

Target has armies out for several hours

If the target's armies were just sent out, the situation changes a bit from the second case. A lot of desertion will happen while the army is out, meaning defense desertion only. Since his offense doesn't desert, his NW will stay high. This allows us to wait for defense to desert before finishing him off, doubling more easily.

Advantages Disadvantages
If we have a large spread, we will be able to make quality hits more easily by waiting for desertions. His peasants start leaving a while before his offense starts to desert, meaning less time for offense desertions.
As in the above case, it's a big problem if his armies bring back many acres.
With a small spread, we can't really take advantage of the desertions as they drop the target's NW below our line of attackers.

Semi Chains

So your kingdom networth is relatively larger than your opponents, and you'd like to control their economy and ensure that you gain the upper hand at the top.

Thus, you choose to semi chain them, whilst aiding up unbreakable provinces. Winner!