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A hallmark of the game is the community feel you get, both of your kingdom and with other players in the game. Utopia is very much a 24/7 game, in that it never stops. For the casual players, this may translate as you suffering attacks when you are logged out. If you choose to play competitively, this may require you to get online soon in response to this. As such, communication is essential in the game, whether it be to deal with circumstances such as those mentioned above, or whether it be about rebuilding your kingdom.


Discord is currently the main method of communication and organization for players.

The official discord server can be found here: MUGA Gaming

Community Boards

Community forums are commonplace, with the official ones being the Forums hosted at Official Forums for Utopia

Legacy Methods


IRC is an acronym for Internet Relay Chat. IRC was developed by Jarkko "WiZ" Oikarinen at the University of Oulu, in Finland. IRC is the oldest chat protocol in wide use today. The first IRC network, IRCNet, spawned Eris Free Net (EfNet), which led to thousands of other networks. IRC is an effective way of communicating with people anywhere on the globe.

For more info, read here.


ICQ is a popular instant messaging computer program, which was first developed by the Israeli company Mirabilis, now owned by Time Warner's AOL subsidiary. The first version of the program was released in November 1996 and ICQ became one of the first Internet-wide instant messaging services.

While it was commonly used in the past, ICQ is used to a far much lesser extent now.


MSN, or Live Messenger is probably utilized by a majority of the utopian population. It allows Group Conversations, which makes coordinating a breeze. It also allows for offline messaging. However, the scope of MSN messenger only goes so far, and many prefer IRC for the presence of bots and convenience which IRC provides.

External Forums

Normally utilized by the more organized kingdoms, these external forums have archives of past age performance, player information as well as kingdom theme, goals and targets throughout an age.

A commonly utilized free forum software is phpBB, which a member will upload and host on their own server.

External Links

  1. Discord https://discordapp.com/
  2. Slack https://slack.com/
  3. WhatsApp https://whatsapp.com/
  4. ICQ http://icq.com/
  5. MSN Live Messenger http://messenger.live.com/
  6. phpBB Open Source Boards http://www.phpbb.com/
  7. Official Forums - Utopia http://forums.utopia-game.com/forumdisplay.php?1527-Utopia
  8. Utopia General Talk http://www.utopiaforums.com/boardroot
  9. UtopiaTemple Forums http://forums.utopiatemple.com/
  10. uTimes.info Forums http://utimes.info/forum/