Finding Good Learn Targets

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This is part of the Utopia WIKI Player written guides.

THIS PAGE is a guide aimed to cover Finding Good Learn Targets. It comprises of tips and tricks written by other players, for regular utopians. Please be civil in your discussions if you disagree with a point made on the page.

Just like any other target finding, start taking SoT's of provinces hopefully in your networth range (I'd say no further than 95-120% your networth). From the SoT you're looking at a few things in particular to get a grasp on sciences they may possess before SoS'ing them.

1 BE if they have greater than 100% BE other than dwarves they have tools science the higher the BE the higher the science.

2 Population is one of the more important science and usually can be seen in full on the SoT, some wizard/thief heavy provinces show lower than full.

Base ppa for each race:

Faeries = 23.75 ppa Everyone else = 25 ppa Undead = 28.75 ppa

If they have better population than this they are one of 3 things running homes, above Lord honor title, or have some amount of science. The ones with larger ppa's are who you want to look at.

SoS these guys to get their science percentages.

3 Persona, always SoS a Sage when you see one you never know how much they will have in science. Especially if they have some amount of elites.

Get an SoS infact I would have yourself narrowed down to 3-4 targets, from the SoS figure out how many books per acre they have roughly. Pick the one less likely to retal you and also the one with the most books per acre in the science you are focusing on. Typically focus on one science at a time, if they have only 1 or 2 sciences you will gain better on them than if they have all 7 sciences. - Uzziah