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This is part of the Utopia WIKI Mini Guide Series.

THIS PAGE describes a game mechanism - Guide:SoM in utopia. It also aims to discuss the implications of this game mechanism & how others have utilized it. To discuss further implications or ask questions with regards to Guide:SoM, be sure to check out the discussions page.

What is a SoM?

A SoM is a Spy on Military Report of a target, reflecting his military affairs page.

You get SoMs for several reasons

  • To determine your target's defense at home (if he has armies out).
  • To determine how long his army is out for.
  • To determine what sort of troops your target is training.

How Accurate is a SoM?

SoMs and other intel operations' accuracy is dependent on the number of thieves that succeed in the operation. The range of accuracy runs from +/-3% to +/-25%. To achieve the minimum of randomness 20% of the senders thieves need to gather intel on the target province.

What Values are always accurate in a SoM?

The only values on a SoM which are always accurately reported are:

  • Army out time
  • Troops out on an attack