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This is part of the Utopia WIKI Mini Guide Series.

THIS PAGE describes a game mechanism - Hostile Meter in utopia. It also aims to discuss the implications of this game mechanism & how others have utilized it. To discuss further implications or ask questions with regards to Hostile Meter, be sure to check out the discussions page.

Significance of the Hostile Meter

For two kingdoms to gain the ability to declare war on one another:

  1. The kingdoms must be at least unfriendly on one side and hostile on the other.
  2. The hostile meter must be filled on both sides.

If condition 1 is met, the kingdom which has the lower hostile meter will then receive the option to declare war. If condition 2 is met both kingdoms will have the option to declare war

Attacks and How they Move the Meter

Different successful attack types add to the hostile meter at varying levels of intensity. The attacks add to the meter according to the figures given below. The meter is capped at 150 points.

Traditional Marches, Razes, Plunders, Massacres, Learns

All these attacks add 2 points to the hostile meter per hit.

Ambush, Conquest and Bounces

All these attacks add 1 point to the meter. A bounce has a chance relative to the amount of off/def sent to move the meter a full point.

Declaring War & Maxing the Meter

When a party hits up to 15 points they become hostile to the kingdom which they hit. Unfriendly status requires 5 points to achieve.

On the first of each utopian month, both hostile meters decay by one sixth (16.6667%) or 2 points, whichever is greater.

Detailed: Effects of Moving the Meter & Changing Relations


No Effects


  • Dragon A dragon sent to an unfriendly KD will only have 50% health points.


  • Dragon A dragon sent to a hostile KD will only have 75% health points.
  • Mana costs of offensive spells decreases to 2% (when less than 60% mana remaining)
  • Stealth costs of offensive operations decreases to 2%
  • You get some honor bonuses from ops


  • Dragon A dragon sent in war has full health
  • Decreased Gangbang Protection
  • 75% Protection from hits from kingdoms outside the war* (discuss loopholes)
  • KD stances have no effect
  • 10% decreased attack times, phasing into become 20% after 12 hours

Meter Disparity

A gains throttling mechanic exists whereby a kingdom that has a difference of 100 points more than their opponent on the meter will receive reduced gains. This reduction increases linearly up to a maximum disparity of -50% gains for 150 points.