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What are IRC Bots?

"So what's so good about IRC anyway?" "There are bots!" "What are bots?"

Well, this guide will attempt to condense the answer since if you're already on IRC it is unlikely you won't know what a bot is. Hence, this aims to target people who have never ever seen a bot.

IRC Bots are irc programs which are automated via the use of IRC Scripts. They serve numerous functions, depending on what scripts are run. For example:

Calculator Function
<User> !calc 39.09+14.01+48
<Bot> .: 39.09+14.01+48 = 101.1
SoM Translation Function
<User> !som 61929 68447 65188 68447
<Bot> »»» 81485 (76% 84% 80% 84%)
Army Tracking
<User> Your forces arrive at Blahblah (12:34), and battle begins quickly...
<User> A tough battle took place, but we have managed a victory!
<User> Your army has recaptured 35 acres from our enemy! Taking full control of our new land will take 9.11 days. The new land will be available on April 18th, YR1.
<User> We lost 115 Warriors in this battle. Our forces will be again available on April 18th, YR1.
<User> We killed about 40 enemy troops. 
<User> !mo 10K
<Bot> attack added for User 9hrs 6mins 36secs
<Me> !status User
<Bot> User has army due to return in 9 hrs 6 mins 30 secs (10k MO) (35ac)
Upon your army returning home, the bot will normally announce in the channel User's Army has returned!
Spell Tracking
<User> Our crops grow impressively in our fertile lands (Estimated: 14 more Days).
<User> Our land is blessed by nature (Estimated: 26 more Days).
-Bot- Fertile Lands added for User 14hrs 18mins 5secs
-Bot- Nature Blessings added for User 1day 2hrs 18mins 5secs

Bots can also be used to store specific calculators or guides, for example:

<User> !overpop
<Asian> .: Use !overpop <total pop> <max pop> to figure out how much you need to release before you may hit.
<Asian> NOTE Release with caution - you might not even really WANT to release! Don't blame me for your sucky choices. ;)
<Asian> .: To display the list of overpopulation effects, use !overpop effects
<User> !ambush
<Asian> .: To use the Ambush Calculator, trigger is: !ambush <RACE> <# of Offspecs> <# of Elites>
<Asian> RACE: Elf Human Dwarf UD DE Gnome
<User> !plague
<Asian> « Plague » -15% Tax :: 0% Population growth :: Defence*0.85
<Asian> 20% chance of removal of the Plague with each cast of Natures' Blessing. The plague has an increased chance of curing if you have hospitals.
<Asian> On average, the plague is cured between 10 to 12 Utopian Days with no hospitals etc.
<Asian> .: For the guide on How To Ambush, type !ambushguide

Public War Bots

Few war bots are made public. If you would like a downloadable bot to host, try - download DP Bot. For support, approach celien in #dragonportal.