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Auto-Perform Commands

This sets up a set of instructions to perform whenever you connect to IRC. Also, when you disconnect from mirc due to your connection dropping out, it will auto connect you back onto mIRC and get you into your private channels.

mIRC Version mIRC 6.3+
     #1 Go to Tools --> Options.
     #2 When the dialogue box pops up, select the Connect dropdown menu --> Options
     #3 Check the box beside Reconnect on Disconnection
     #4 Click on Perform
     #5 Enable perform on connect should also be ticked.
     #6 If you want to specify these commands to only be performed on UtoNet, select Other Networks
     #7 Find UtoNet on the servers list, and highlight it.
     #8 Click OK.
     #9 Type up the list of commands you would like to perform each time you connect onto UtoNet e.g. NickServ identify
     #10 Click OK and you're done!

View image of mIRC perform options


Highlights make your mIRC play a little sound or flash when someone says a particular word (usually set to your nickname). It's useful to let you know if someone wants you, without having to check the mIRC window all the time.

mIRC Version mIRC 6.3+
     #1 Go to Tools --> Address Book --> Highlights (For versions before 6.3, go to Tools --> Options --> IRC --> Highlights)
     #2 Check the box beside Enable highlight
     #3 Click the Add button
     #4 $me means whatever your current nickname is at the moment. 
          - You can of course put some other text in if you wish such as an alternative nickname.
     #5 Selecting a specific color will make any lines that contain your highlight word show up in in that said color
     #6 Click the No Sound button once so that it says Beep. 
          - This will make your mIRC beep once when someone says your highlight word
     #7 Flash message will make the mIRC button flash in your desktop's toolbar when it is minimized and you are highlighted.
     #8 Tip message will make a small window (a balloon tip) pop up near your desktop toolbar when you are highlighted.
     #9 Press OK and you're done!

View image for setting up Highlighting on mIRC