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Calculating Percent Guilds

Percent Guilds, or % Guilds, refers to the current percentage of guilds a province has.

% Guilds = Total Number of Guilds / Total Acres

Effects of Percent Guilds

Spell Duration

Percent Guilds is the sole factor involved in spell duration. The higher the percent guilds, the longer a spell will last. This remains true until the maximum duration for that particular spell is reached.

Self Spells

For self spells, a higher percent guilds results in a greater:

  • Spell Duration
  • Chance of a Successful Cast

Offensive Spells

For offensive spells, a higher percent guilds results in a greater:

  • Spell Duration

Additional Information

The Spellbook
Self Spells Army Spells Defensive Spells Wrathful Smite  • Minor Protection  • Greater Protection  • Animate Dead  • Town Watch  • †Fog
Offensive Spells Quick Feet  • Anonymity  • War Spoils  • Fanaticism  • Aggression  • Bloodlust
Army Spells Paladin's Inspiration  • Patriotism  • †Inspire Army
Civil Spells Mystic Security Spells Divine Shield  • Magic Shield  • Mystic Aura  • Nature's Blessing  • Mage's Fury  • Reflect Magic
Thievery Spells Illuminate Shadows  • Invisibility  • Clear Sight  • Shadowlight  • Crystal Ball  • †Crystal Eye
Economy Spells Scientific Insights  • Fertile Lands  • Love & Peace  • Tree of Gold  • Builders' Boon  • Revelation  • Paradise  • †Fountain of Knowledge
Combat Spells Economy Damage Spells Friendly Magic Ward • Droughts • Gluttony  • Greed  • Fool's Gold  • Lightning Strike  • Explosions  • Blizzard  • †Vermin
Unfriendly Magic Ward • Barrier of Integrity • Amnesia  • Tornadoes  • Land Lust
Population Damage Spells Friendly Chastity  • Storms
Unfriendly Fireball  • Nightmares  • Meteor Showers
Interaction Spells Friendly Expose Thieves  • Pitfalls
Unfriendly Mystic Vortex