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This is part of the Utopia WIKI Player written guides.

THIS PAGE is a guide aimed to cover Quick Tips. It comprises of tips and tricks written by other players, for regular utopians. Please be civil in your discussions if you disagree with a point made on the page.

Quick Tips

These tips are largely targeted towards newer players, although some of these may be helpful to more veteran players as well

Quick Attacking Tips

- If you are in war with ~12 hour attack times, and want your ambush armies to come home the same time as traditional march armies, add hours(normally 3).

- Limit time between getting intel and hitting, especially if they are online! Soldier aid, plague removal, casting town watch and casting protection can all bounce you if you are not quick.

- If you are being hit in war, always traditional march before you ambush. You gain gbp every time you are hit, but it rapidly decreases as you hit out. While TM?s use military efficiency(something GBP gives), ambushes do not. If you are hitting the same person with both the traditional march and the ambush, this is even more important as if they want to ambush your large TM, they will first have to go through your ambush

- If you don’t have enough offense for many taps, or to ambush multiple armies from same prov, you can send 1 troop on an ambush, and open up the bigger army to ambush from your troops

- In most instances(especially if you are a new player), if you are an attacker you should try to keep your army out at all times. It’s better to extend attack time so that you can send out when its home than to have a quick attack time that leaves troops home.

- If you aren’t attacking with all generals, use more generals on your larger attack. Generals add .03% military(additive) to the army you are sending.

- Ambushing counts as a failed attack.

- Time you may want to anon in war: you will have largest hit on a chain target. You are only tapping that chain target once(and it is a top acre grab). You have very low def elites and are hitting few taps into few provs(ambush kills elites)

- Times you probably don’t need to anon in war: you’re in the middle of a chain on someone. You use a high defensive elite/ospec. You’re multi-tapping them. Your army will get back before theirs.

- Heading into war, make sure your KD has intel, and not just SoT’s on all provs. Surveys and infiltrate thieves guilds are also important!

- Try not to start war with low def elites home(if you are a top offense prov in kd) or away with no land incoming. A chain will severely hurt you, and thus your KD.

- Dungeons do not increase enemy casualties. At max, they take half the would be casualties, and convert them into prisoners. If you are attacking(especially multi-tapping) a couple % of dungeons is verrrry effective(~2%).

Quick Opping Tips

- Op success is based on the ratio of tpa/wpa between opper and the target. This means in the right circumstance a prov you would normally think of as purely and attacker, can also op.

- Saphire Dragon is super super strong.

- Night Strike affects troops both home and away

- +damage mods on magic do not affect any self spells, land lust, and part of fireball

- For magic ops, relative wpa * difficulty of spell determines success rate*NW. Guild % * BE * race/pers effects duration, and success rate for self spells(20% is the maximum). A FB, LL or MV is as effective with 0% guilds as with 20%.

- Different spells are more or less effective on different provs. MS for example is much better on bigger provs; riots are much better on provs with better economies, ect. Don’t think you need every spell on every prov.

- Greed works on any prov, regardless of whether or not they are immune to econ mods.

- In current rules, the only cost reduction on thieves(besides halfer) is from eowcf.


- If you are not whoring, then you should only random provs that are in KD?s your KD would be willing to war. If they have offense they may hit back. If in a whoring kd, just read Godly's guide.

- If you outgrow your kd, expect to be hit. The cores of kd’s that want your land will be larger than your core.

- After war, if you are suddenly severely underpopped, watch out for starvation as the peasants may come in rapidly.

- If you are in a war kd, then learning is probably a better way of "sci pumping" than actual sci pumping.


- Most kd?s do similar strategies in war. Learn these strategies and tweak your prov accordingly. If you are a top offense prov, a top econ prov, or likely to become an unbreakable prov, you may be chained and should have more GS than if, say, you are completely middle of the pack against a kd that chains.

- In most cases, don’t get too worked up over some static “build.” Outside of certain cases(and protection) your province will be dynamic, and you should react accordingly. Figure out what buildings do, and who they are best on in what situation.

- warrior bonus does not show up in throne page, SoT's, or SoM's

- In general, don’t be a jerk to kd-mates.

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