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To Do

claim what you will do here!

Givenchy 03:56, 3 November 2009 (UTC) : You should atleast remove all the outdated information and badlinks from the front page

A) Remove "You" "Your" "Their" "His" "Her" "Mine" "Ours" from wiki B) General grammar and "How little can we put in a stub" corrections C) Get Banned

Discussions & info


Well, it's cool to learn that exploits EXISTED, but do we really need to know that these "Leaders" "Scientists" "Instructors" W/E exist to prevent an exploit? (Let alone how to do the exploit that you can't do)? Put in an Exploit Nostalgia page if anything.


The table is up, and everything transfered from utimes list. It's still needs some clean up, some words are double, other things are missing. I put off linking most of the words since it's just double work to do it before the main pages for guides and formula is up.

Question: should we have kingdoms and alliances in the dictonary? I'm thinking like BF, DoA, TF etc?

--Stella 14:41, 19 June 2009 (UTC)

Closed-- have a separate section for kingdoms and alliances otherwise the dictionary will become too long. move kingdom profiles from utimes over, get kingdom lists, make basic kingdom intros of past and present kingdoms. we'll probably need a template / standard format and standardize it as much as possible. it is a wiki!

new game menus

  • Throne
  • Council
    • Affairs of the State
    • Military Affairs
    • Internal Affairs
    • Arts & Sciences
    • Mystics Affairs
    • Our History
  • Explore
  • Growth
  • Sciences
  • Military
  • Wizards
  • Mystics
    • Sorcery
    • Enchantments
  • Send Thieves
  • Send Armies
  • Donate Aid
  • Dragons
    • Fund Dragon
    • Attack Dragon
    • Start Dragon - monarch option
    • Abandon Dragon - monarch option

  • Messages
    • Inbox
    • Sent Messages
    • Compose
    • Trash
  • Kingdom Forum
  • Province News
  • Kingdom News
  • Monarchy - monarch option
  • Invitations - monarch option
  • Vote
  • War
  • Ceasefires
  • Relations
  • The Kingdom
  • The World
  • Game Preferences
  • Give Credits

Bishop 14:07, 2 July 2009 (UTC)

Petition to remove these cursed templates.

WHY Puppy wanted to add them is beyond me, but seriously now... they "disrupt the flow of the wiki"
they're designed to do one thing, catch your eye, which further asks why they're on top of every page. If they MUST be on the page, they need to be on the bottom... AND no PURPLE. If it MUST be purple it SHOULD be a soft purple, as to not distract from the article.

Personally, you know my vote. They're annoying and utterly useless (as far as I am concerned), if you want to categorize the wiki, do so... but don't go putting tags on every article that is in a category... just put the category tag in there and leave it alone.--Stupid 05:21, 16 November 2009 (UTC)


I reverted several pages, but it seems like morons have been playing with almost everything.