Time to Move On

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So you've lived in your current kingdom for the last ### ages, grown close to the rest of the core players, eventually become TM Guild leader/Monarch and you don't ever want to leave! But when is it time to say goodbye, and what can you expect when moving from an average to a 'top' kingdom? Read on to see what a player on Utopia has to say after he moved from being monarch of his kingdom into the top ranks.


  • Forget anything you think about strategy, 90% of it is no longer valid.
  • If you want to know why a certain course of action was taken, (ie chain targets) wait until after to ask why, not during, waves/feeding can be quite stressful for those co-ordinating them.
  • You know those really big provinces, like in Rage/Seasons/Sanctuary? Getting one of those up there is one of THE most painful things you'll ever do, and learning how to build your provinces whilst sending out gc/sols every day for first week is bloody hard.
  • Be prepared to give out your phone number, 3-4am phone calls can and will happen... happened to me whilst I was writing this guide...
  • There can be a large amount of down time, more so when/if you are going for top land/nw, your life will revolve around logging in, finding target, hitting, logging out.
  • A safe hit for 100 acres is better than a hit for 200 acres and you, or your kingdom mate, getting retalled for 300, learn how to random safely. T/Ms or high defence players in ghettos are great for free land!


  • You are more than likely going to have to use it, no ifs no buts, and it is one of the best ways to communicate with large numbers of people, so deal with it.
  • IRC bots are awesome, learn how to use them. Can do so much for you, from calculating defence from SoMs, to keeping track of yours, and enemies spells/attack times, a good IRC bot is one of the most useful tools out there!!!
  • Watch what you say/do in public channels, leaking your location early/being an idiot towards kingdom you are at war with will NOT go down well. If you want to say mean things about opposition, do it in your private channel.

People in Kingdom

  • First things first, some people have massive egos, no other way of saying it, be wary of arguments with these people, usually they have the ego for a reason, and that is why they are in the kingdom.
  • Some people know ALOT more than you, so when they make decisions, shut-up and listen.
  • There will likely be one or two people who you wont get on with, try and ignore these people unless you really need to.
  • Try and engage in conversation that you are able to, these people won't bite, (well, some might....) and it will make life more enjoyable for you, and you will get the most enjoyment if it becomes almost a social experience.

When is it time to say goodbye?

  • When the people in your current kingdom are no longer fun to play with, and it almost seems like a chore.
  • Want to try something with co-ordination and structure, not just hit who ever for max gains for 48 hours straight.
  • You get raze killed off by your current kingdom, for being too active.