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This is part of the Utopia WIKI Tools Series.

THIS PAGE describes the Utopia Seraphim tool/addon for Utopia. If you have any queries with regards to the tool, direct your enquiries to the specific developer (refer below).

About Utopia Seraphim

Utopia Seraphim was created and tested during age 50 of Utopia.

It provides tools for utopians to format intel and do calculations for their attacks, building strategies, etc.


Everything that is required is built into the executable or comes with the application itself. You only need to install it.


At the moment the application has:

- Clipboard Manager - so far it formats Throne/SoTs, Military advisor/SoMs, Buildings advisor/Surveys, Science page/SoS, has own export line mechanism (not compatible with Utopia Angel or other tool), button for isolating export lines in the formatted intel and button for converting the formatted intel into IRC friendly form (with colors);

- Attack Calculator - it has all the needed fields for helping you do successful attacks, also, it takes elites out from enemy SoMs and if you haven't changed enemy elites home, it'll subtract the elites out, possibility to indicate that the intel you got is accurate intel in war (which reduces the randomness in the calculation). Option to switch the attacker and defender fields. Calculates defense per acre after sending out your army (of course, works if you hit once);

- Buildings Calculator - a tool to help you calculate your building strategy. With it, you can set a goal percentage on your desired building and the calculator will show you the amount of land you have to build or raze to reach that goal. You can specifically exclude buildings in progress. Highlights the active row, to make it easy to read the effects for the currently selected building. It is not possible yet to include bonuses from race or personality;

- Forum Agent - the forum agent and the forum agent API are originally developed by Brother Green for use with his Utopia Angel. Utopia Seraphim is (more or less) compatible with this feature and is able to post data to forum agent-enabled intel sites like Stingernet and utopiapimp. Options to send data automatically to the forum agent-enabled site;

- Auto updater - when there is new version, you will be notified to download it. The auto-updater will download the file for you and start the installer;


You can reach the developer at irc.utonet.im in channel #seraphim.

Official forums - Utopia Seraphim

Support e-mail - seraphim [ # ] home-world.org (replace " [ # ] " with "@")

Announcements and version history can be found in the forum.

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