Wizards Per Acre

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Calculating Raw WPA

Wizards per Acre is abbreviated as WPA. Unmodified, it is called raw WPA.

Wizards per Acre = Total Number of Wizards / Total Acres

Calculating Mod WPA

Magic Effectiveness increases the WPA without changing the number of Wizards. This is known as mod WPA.

Offensive Modified WPA = Raw WPA * Channeling Science * Racial Mod * Honour Mod * Mage's Fury Mod
Defensive Modified WPA = Raw WPA * Channeling Science * Racial Mod * Honour Mod * Mage's Fury Mod * Magic Shield Mod
Modifier Type Active Otherwise
Channeling Science Check your science page
Race: Elf 1.35 1
Race: Human 0.85 1
Mage's Fury: Mage's Fury 1.2(off) / 0.8(def) 1
Magic Shield: Magic Shield 1.2 1

Effects of Mod WPA

Offensive Spells

Modifier = Your Mod WPA / Opponent's Mod WPA

The higher this modifier is, the greater the:

  • Chance of a Successful Cast
  • Chance of Preventing an Opponent's Spell

Self Spells

WPA does not influence self spells.

Spell Duration

Spell duration, for both Offensive and Self Spells, is influenced by the Percent Guilds and applicable Race or Personality modifiers.

Additional Information

The Spellbook
Self Spells Army Spells Defensive Spells Wrathful Smite  • Minor Protection  • Greater Protection  • Animate Dead  • Town Watch  • †Fog
Offensive Spells Quick Feet  • Anonymity  • War Spoils  • Fanaticism  • Aggression  • Bloodlust
Army Spells Paladin's Inspiration  • Patriotism  • †Inspire Army
Civil Spells Mystic Security Spells Divine Shield  • Magic Shield  • Mystic Aura  • Nature's Blessing  • Mage's Fury  • Reflect Magic
Thievery Spells Illuminate Shadows  • Invisibility  • Clear Sight  • Shadowlight  • Crystal Ball  • †Crystal Eye
Economy Spells Scientific Insights  • Fertile Lands  • Love & Peace  • Tree of Gold  • Builders' Boon  • Revelation  • Paradise  • †Fountain of Knowledge
Combat Spells Economy Damage Spells Friendly Magic Ward • Droughts • Gluttony  • Greed  • Fool's Gold  • Lightning Strike  • Explosions  • Blizzard  • †Vermin
Unfriendly Magic Ward • Barrier of Integrity • Amnesia  • Tornadoes  • Land Lust
Population Damage Spells Friendly Chastity  • Storms
Unfriendly Fireball  • Nightmares  • Meteor Showers
Interaction Spells Friendly Expose Thieves  • Pitfalls
Unfriendly Mystic Vortex