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This is part of the Utopia WIKI Tools Series.

THIS PAGE describes the Metatron Plus tool/addon for Utopia. If you have any queries with regards to the tool, direct your enquiries to the specific developer (refer below).

What is Metatron Plus?

Developer celien

Also known as Metatron.

Metatron Plus is an Add-on for Mozilla Firefox especially created for Utopia. It formats the Utopia pages and improves the general interface.

It may be downloaded at - Not supported on new code yet

Metatron Team recommend using insted, a simulair addon wich is more activily developed at this point.


  • A Mozilla Firefox Browser

Features of Metatron Plus

Features List
  • Ability to Redo spells and ops multiple times on the same province without having to re-select anything.
  • Kingdom Pages may be sorted by PROVINCE NAME / NETWORTH / LAND / NWPA or HONOR.
  • Throne Page is formatted by TPA, WPA, OPA, DPA [1].
  • All locations are clickable and will bring you to their kingdom page.
  • Ability to Bookmark & Comment on Kingdoms for easy selection on the Mystics, Thievery, War Room, Message & Kingdom Page.
  • Ability to Mass Message your Kingdom.
  • War Room Calculator.
  • Summarizes Kingdom Pages.


Metatron Plus is fully supported, even though it is a free product.


  1. Throne Page [image], viewable at

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