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Server Details

   Server irc.utonet.org
   Port(s) 6667, 7000, 9056


UtoNet is a small IRC network, originally built around the Utopia gaming community. UtoNet started out in late November 2002 with the goal of providing a stable, welcoming environment for players of the online web based game Utopia. The older IRC server that had long been home to the community merged with a network filled with a rather unruly user base.

A few months passed, during which time the community was growing increasingly dissatisfied with the server. The soon-to-be UtoNet founders, Vek and Bergee, decided to solve this problem by pooling their resources and expertise to set up a server where all players could gather and hold friendly discussions. Thus the idea of UtoNet was born, a place where all users could gather and not have to worry about being flooded, attacked or otherwise having their communications monitored.

Rules of UtoNet

The network may NOT be used for:

  • Flooding (including flood/clonebots).
  • Clones.
  • Unsecured proxying (including the use of proxies of any type to avoid a ban)
  • Attempts to takeover existing channels.
  • Attempts to disrupt network services.
  • Spamming and/or advertising of any type (including automatic invite scripts or mass invitations).
  • Hacking (including Virus/Trojan distribution).
  • Harassment of users or staff.
  • Actions that the operators regard as abuse.

Your use of the network indicates acceptance of these conditions. Violation of the rules will result in kills, nickname or channel suspensions and possible access bans.


For a comprehensive list of Services UtoNet has to offer, click here

Services offered by the server include ChanServ, MemoServ and NickServ.

Official Help

If there are any problems with the network or questions related to IRC, please see the network help channel #UtoNet.Help for assistance. You may reach the operations team listed below by sending an email to opers@utonet.org.

Network Administrator

  • Bergee

List of Operators

  • Brandon
  • Eeeegor
  • arc
  • Somberlain

Other Members of the Help Staff

  • cerberus
  • Croaker
  • Elron
  • Fradam
  • Master Healexarn
  • Starfriend
  • yf

Other Servers

UtoNet is by far not the only IRC server employed in regular communication, but it is the most far reaching as it has roughly 1400 nicknames on.

Users have before raised concerns with regards to privacy on the server itself, suspecting that the operators possess the ability to read through their private messages and read the logs of private channels. Covenant for these reasons chose to use their own separate IRC server. On the 10th of May 2009, Absalom also made a press release (here) and moved to their private server on irc.absalomalliance.com. Several kingdoms also host their own private servers.

However, most users still employ UtoNet as their primary server for communication and kingdom organization and place trust in the staff to not abuse their positions.

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