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This is part of the Utopia WIKI Tools Series.

THIS PAGE describes the Pimp Agent 2 tool/addon for Utopia. If you have any queries with regards to the tool, direct your enquiries to the specific developer (refer below).

What is Pimp Agent?

An Add-on for Mozilla Firefox which makes it which links directly to your kingdom's UtopiaPimp v2 account without the use of Forum Agent. Pimp Agent 2 builds itself right into the Utopia page, so you can get all the data you'll ever send to Utopiapimp v2 sent directly without any copy/pasting or opening of extra browser windows. Seriously, sending data will never get easier than this.

Developer SpoiledTechie

Download Link https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/12179 Link Broken

NB Pimp Agent 2 is no longer being developed: http://blog.utopiapimp.com/post/3140526459/4-things


  • A Utopia Pimp (v2) account
  • Mozilla Firefox

Features of Pimp Agent

Features List
Sending Province Intelligence

All pages (Throne, Building Advisor, Military Advisor, Science Advisor, SoT, SoM, Survey, SoS) that can be sent by Pimp Agent will have a small box appear in the bottom-right corner of the Utopia page with controls in it.

By hitting the 'Pimp It' button, the intelligence is added to the data queue!

Special: auto-sending self-province intelligence

By enabling the auto-sending of self-intelligence on the Preferences page, you can have Pimp Agent automatically send self-intel to Utopiapimp ever xx hours. If you load up a page in Utopia that has self-intelligence, and Pimp Agent notes that it has not sent that page for xx hours, it will automatically add it to the queue.

Otherwise, those pages will show a time as to when the intelligence was last sent. Of course, you can manually click the 'Pimp It' button at any time to load the intelligence into the queue.

Sending Kingdom Intelligence

Nothing special here! Just use the same Pimp It button to add kingdom pages, kingdom news, and CE's.

Sending Ops

All ops that can be stored will have a Pimp It button appear on their page. Simply push the button to send the op to the Queue!

Auto-sending ops

If enabled in Preferences, Pimp Agent will automatically send all magic/thief ops to the queue!

Attack ops

When an attack has been done, a box will appear near the Pimp It button. This will allow you to enter in miscellaneous information such as mod off values.

Sending Aid messages

The familiar Pimp It button will appear after you've sent aid. Hit it to record your aid transport to Pimp.

External Links

  1. Download link for Pimp Agent 2 https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/12179
  2. Utopiapimp V2 http://utopiapimp.com/ or http://www.utopiashrimp.com/