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This is part of the Utopia WIKI Tools Series.

THIS PAGE describes the Utopia Angel tool/addon for Utopia. If you have any queries with regards to the tool, direct your enquiries to the specific developer (refer below).

What is Utopia Angel?

Developer BG

Colloquially known as Angel.

Utopia Angel is a program which simultaneously provides formatting, calculating and optimizing tools to the average utopian.

It may be downloaded at http://www.utopiatemple.com/angel.php


  • Windows 32bit platform
  • 64MB memory (128MB or higher recommended)
  • Internet Explorer 4 or above

Features of Utopia Angel

Features List
Formatters Calculators Others

Crystal-Ball / Throne page

Spy on Military / Military Advisor

Survey / Internal Affairs

Spy on Sciences / Science Advisor

Kingdom page

Military Calculator

Buildings Calculator

Thievery Calculator

Science Calculator

Power Tools

Clipboard Manager *

Clipboard Messages


Forum Agent

Live Update *

Screen Ruler *

CUTS.NAME Integration * (link)

* Features available in Non-Utopia Mode


Utopia Angel is fully supported, even though it is a free product.

Utopia Angel Guides

For other Guides please refer to http://www.utopiatemple.com/help.php.

Forum Agent

The Forum Agent is a module of Utopia Angel, which automatically posts intel (SoT, SoM, Survey and SoS) into external message boards such as Utopiapimp. A board administrator can customize the behavior of all Forum Agent clients using his board, by posing simple instructions in a predefined thread. These instructions may be used for telling the clients to create a new thread for each province instead of throwing all the intel in one thread, to split different kingdoms into separate forums, and so on.

  • Right click on the Angel Icon in the taskbar, and select Forum Agent.
  • Click on Setting
  • Ensure the following is ticked -
  • Automatically send queue every 5(change) minutes
  • Automatically Add intel to Forum Agent queue
  • Untick
  • Exclude intel from my own Kingdom
  • Click New.
Field Input

Display Name


Forum Name


User Password

Forum Password

  • Display name of the Forums e.g. Pimp
  • URL of the Forums
  • forum name
  • Your username for the forums
  • Your password for the forums
  • Leave blank


The basic usage is straightforward. In the various calculators there is a field for Stance. Clicking on it will pop-up a dedicated window, where you can set a new Stance, and check its effects. To see the specific effects in Angel, hold your mouse over the question-mark sign ("?") near the Stance field in the relevant calculator.

If you are making an attack using Utopia Angel however, BE CAREFUL. Sometimes if you mis-copy a page, the modifiers that Angel applies to your values will be off since not all the Offense and Defense stance effects are incorporated into your Military Efficiency field (for example, in Fortified stance the decrease in Offensive Military Efficiency is not reflected in your Military Affairs page).

Angel Military Efficiency


Q: I get different Military Efficiency value from SoT and SoM.

A: Make sure to set the right Stance in the Military Calculator prior to copying the SoM. You may do so manually, or by copying the Kingdom Page. You should also check your War status (ie: Relation fields in both panels), as Stances have no effects in War. SoT and SoM should result in similar Military Efficiency value.

Q: The Stance fields have no effect in the Military Calculator.

A: You should remember that Offensive and Defensive Stance effects are already incorporated in the Military Efficiency field in the Military Calculator. You may use the Bonuses tab to manually control all the Military Efficiency's factors, including Stance.

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