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This is part of the Utopia WIKI Tools Series.

THIS PAGE describes the Pimp Agent tool/addon for Utopia. If you have any queries with regards to the tool, direct your enquiries to the specific developer (refer below).

What is Pimp Agent?

An Add-on for Mozilla Firefox which makes it which links directly to your kingdom's UtopiaPimp account without the use of Forum Agent. Pimp Agent builds itself right into the Utopia page, so you can get all the data you'll ever send to Utopiapimp sent directly without any copy/pasting or opening of extra browser windows. Seriously, sending data will never get easier than this.

Developer Molesquirrel & Chid

Download Link http://www.utopiapimp.com/index.php?page=misc/pimp_agent

NB With Utopiapimp set to close down soon, UtopiaPimp V2 is in development and as such Pimp Agent may be soon superceded by Pimp Agent 2.


  • A Utopia Pimp account
  • Mozilla Firefox

Features of Pimp Agent

Features List
Send all ops (attack, thief, mage) straight to Utopiapimp with a single mouse click
Send all self-intelligence and enemy-intelligence, including kingdom pages and CE/kingdom news
Automatically send self-intelligence on a schedule to keep your data up to date in Utopiapimp.

External Links

  1. Download link for Pimp Agent https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/9370
  2. Installation and PimpAgent Guide http://www.utopiapimp.com/index.php?page=misc/pimp_agent
  3. Support Forums http://www.utopiapimp.com/index.php?page=misc/forumcont&fpage=viewforum.php&id=3537&PHPSESSID=ad0ea52576f7d8ea0606fc1cf616252e