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NickServ allows you to "register" a nickname and prevent others from using it. NickServ is controlled through various commands which allow for registration and maintenance of nicknames.

If a registered nickname is not used for 30 days, the registration will expire and the nickname will be available for anyone to use.

To use a NickServ command, type /ns command.

Nickserv Command Subtypes

Category Syntax Description
ACCESS /ns access add/del mask

/ns access list

This modifies the user@host addresses that are allowed to use your nick - If you connect to IRC with an address on this list, you will not be affected by the nick's KILL setting, and if the SET SECURE option is disabled, you will be able to receive auto-op and other privileges in channels without using the IDENTIFY command.
AJOIN /ns ajoin add/del #chan

/ns ajoin list

Modifies your Autojoin list.
AUTH /ns auth Authenticates registration or change of E-mail for a nickname. To ensure that your E-mail address is correct, NickServ will send an message containing an authentication code to the E-mail address given when you register your nickname
DROP /ns drop <nick> De-registers a nickname
GHOST /ns ghost <nick> <password> Terminates a "ghost" IRC session using your nickname. A "ghost" session is when you ping out, and you reconnect before your nickname disconnects from the server.
IDENTIFY /ns identify <password> Identifies you as owner of the nickname.
INFO /ns info <nick> Retrieves information about a specified nick.
LINK/UNLINK /ns link <nick>

/ns unlink <nick>

Links and/or unlinks a new nickname to an existing Registered one.


/ns listlinks /ns listchans

Lists all nicknames linked to a Registered nick Lists all the channels registered by you

RECOVER /ns recover <nick> <pass> Allows you to recover your nickname if someone is on it.
REGISTER /ns register <pass> <email> Registers the Nickname you are currently on.
RELEASE /ns release <nick> <pass> Instructs NickServ to remove any hold on your nickname

/ns set email <email>

/ns set hide email/quit on/off

/ns set info <text>

/ns set kill on/quick/off

/ns set language <number>

/ns set mainnick <nick>

/ns set password <newpass>

/ns set url <url>

/ns set secure on/off

Associate an E-mail address with your nickname

Allows you to prevent certain pieces of information from showing on your /ns info

Sets text to be displayed when someone /ns info <yournick>

If someone takes your nick, they have 60 seconds(on) or 20 seconds(quick) to identify before they are removed from the server.

1- English, 2- Dutch, 3-French, 4-German, 5-Hungarian, 6-Italian, 7-Jap, 9-Portuguese, 10-Spanish, 11-Turkish

Selects which nick is displayed in Channel Access Lists

Allows you to change your identification password

Associate a URL with your nickname

Turns NickServ's security features on or off for your nickname. With SECURE set, you must enter your password before you will be recognized as the owner of the nick, regardless of whether your address is on the access list. However, if you are on the access list, NickServ will not auto-kill you regardless of the setting of the SET KILL option.

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