Age 92

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This age we are mixing up races and personalities. The goal is to give a new unique feel to the racial and personality system w/out fundamentally changing the gameplay or heart of utopia. To that end personalities are being drastically changed. While they will still exist you are now picking a second race, your Personality is your sub-race. That is there will be no warrior, heretic, mystic, rogue, etc only race options for both Race and personality. Thus you will still pick two options when creating your province just like in the past your Race and your Personality(sub-race). When picking your race and sub race you gain all bonuses and negatives of both picks; small caveats explained later.

Note: Specialist value has increased to 7 point. Offensive specs are now 7/0 Defensive specs are now 0/7 Elites have a base value of 7/7 modified by both race and personality choices

Comparison to Previous Personality System

Looking at historical utopia, we have historically picked both a personality and a race. Races had bonuses and penalties and a fixed elite value, while personalities have given only a bonus. Look at for example the undead race and cleric personality The Undead race is innately just an attacker with plague and a large amount of sustain. In a similar vein Cleric gives largely the same bonus to sustain as personality option for any race. However in age 79 there was no cleric personality nor a Undead race, but the personality “Undead.” That age the sustain pick for both race and personality was done by picking the “personality” undead. NEXT age since you are picking a race twice, you can think of your pick in the same way. You are picking your primary race, and your “personality” race. The major difference is that the “Racial personality” has both bonus’s and penalties and mods to your Elite value.

New System

At its most simplistic, the new age there will be 11 race choices(most of the races utopia has ever seen) and you pick two. You gain all the bonuses AND penalties of both race choices. That is you can be both an Avian and an Elf, or any 2 combinations.. This will be reflected in the game as follows:.

My Leader Name is DavidC, I am a Count. My Primary Race choice is Avian with a Personality(sub-race) choice is Elf. Race: Avian; Ruler Name: Count DavidC the Part Elf

My Leader Name is DavidC, I am a Count. My Primary Race choice is Avian with a Personality(sub-race) choice is Avian. Race: Avian; Ruler Name: Count DavidC the True Blooded Avian

Here is when the fun now gets slightly complicated. When you pick your combination there are 2 additional bonus you can get as follows:

HYBRID VIGOR: Anyone who picks two DIFFERENT races gain +50% BR.

PURE OF BLOOD: Anyone who picks the same race twice: gets town watch, and receives that races penalties only ONCE.

Thus for clarity, for example, an Avian(main) part Elf (personality) will have all the bonuses AND penalties of both Avian and Elf in addition to +50% Birth Rate (BR). Alternatively, for example, if Avian is chosen twice (Race and Personality) then ALL of the Avian bonuses are multiplied (effectively applied twice), you gain the spell Town Watch and the racial penalty is only applied once.