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Each game of Utopia is broken up into separate Ages.

Each Age is unique, because every Age has different rules (game mechanics and races abilities), it is unwritten rule, that something changes. So new Age is not restart only.

An Age is usually 3 months long.

After the Age ends the game servers are reset and each province reverts back to its starting size in a new location.

Details: Utopia Time

Historical Facts


  • First born races were Dwarf, Elf, Faery, Human and Orc. Just 5.
  • At Third Age also born Avians and Halflings. 7 together.
  • At Sixth Age appeared Undead race. 8 together.
  • At the beginning of Age of Bravery extinct Avians, Halflings, Undeads and Faerys. Instead them were born Gnomes and Dark Elves. 6 together.
  • At the Age of Rebirth Undeads were reborn. 7 together.
  • At the next age (Age of Light) Undeads extincted once more. But Avians were resurrect. 7 together.
  • At the next age (Age of Justice) Halflings also ressurect. 8 together.
  • At the anniversary Age (Age of Resurrection) Dark Elves and Gnomes extinct, Undead and Faeries return. 8 together.
  • So, Dwarf, Elf, Human and Orc live at Utopian World of Legends forever all ages.
  • Last born races were Gnomes and Dark Elves - appeared only at 36th age. Both of them lives 14 ages only. Less than anyone else.
  • Undead appeared thrice and extincted twice - more than anyone else.


  • The significance Personalities before the Era of Mystery was unknown, so Personalities didn't exist before
  • At the Era of Mystery anyone could choose one of next Personalities: Merchant, Shepherd, Sage, Rogue, Mystic, War Hero, Warrior, General and Freak. 9 together.
  • At the Age of Bravery The General was eliminated. 8 together.
  • At the Age of the Scholar Freak was eliminated too. But the Artisan appeared. 8 together.
  • At the Age of Rebirth Artisan was gone. Instead him Cleric appeared. 8 together.
  • Cleric survived till Age of Light. But Artisan return. 8 together.
  • Next Age (Age of Distinction) War Hero was upgraded to Tactician.
  • At anniversary Age (Age of Resurrection) Cleric was reappeared, Artisan gone.
  • At Call to Arms War Hero became as a new personality, but Shepherd gone.
  • War Hero, Artisan and Cleric reappeared.
  • At the Age of Heresy, Merchant was eliminated and Heretic appeared.


  • At the First Generation at the World of Legend existed 17 islands.
  • Since beginning Islands was divided by Ocean. Nobody without boats could attack any province from outside Island.
  • At the next Age already existed 25 islands.
  • Next, Third Age have 35 islands
  • At the Fifth age number of islands grow till 40.
  • Next Age World of Legends has 45 islands.
  • Finally, at Seventh Age were 49 islands
  • This Seventh Age Ocean was already dried, so only rivers divide islands. Shipbuilding was forgotten. Horses become more useful than boats.
  • Far far away, at the Age of Kings number of islands was cut to 40.
  • During the Isles of Legion the number of islands was cut to 20


  • Since beginning existed Alchemy, Tools, Housing, Food, The Art of War, Crime & Deceit, Channelling
  • At the Sixth Age was added Medicine study.
  • Medicine studied only 3 ages till Age of Chaos, next Renaissance Age this discipline was forbidden forever
  • At Era of Mystery were contrived Libraries, but they add Science into random category
  • At the Age of Valour were discovered that exist decay of science each Utopian day. Universities begin to lower decay
  • At the Age of the People Libraries becomes more effective and produce free science points
  • At the Revolution discover, that Universities are the reason of science decay, so Universities become forbidden
  • At the Age of Courage The Art of War was shortened to Military
  • At the Age of Kings everybody understand that science points is just books
  • At Age of the Scholar became impossible to direct money for certain research. New system : automatically investigate research into books. Then books were studied and allocated into category.
  • Since New Code, Age of Change Crime & Deceit was shortened to Crime
  • Learn Attack and Schools exist forever


  • There is unclear if Nobility exist First Generation and Second Age
  • At least since Third Age fame was in Utopia
  • At Renaissance Age fame was modernized to Honor
  • Finally at Age of Nobility Titles were discovered and List of Titles at once assumed modern view
  • Benefits of Honor/Fame was changed too frequently

Combat and Military:

  • First known attacks since beginning were Missionary, Traditional March, Raze, Plunder and Learn
  • World of Legends always have Elites units
  • At First Generation there were Solders(1/1), Offensive specialists(3/0) and Defensive specialists(0/3)
  • At the Era of Magic was discovered new type of combat - Massacre
  • Next age (Era of Mystery) Conquest was discovered. But Missionary become totally inaccessible
  • Next Age (Era of Strife) units become more powerful: Solders(2/2), Offensive specialists(4/0) and Defensive specialists(0/4)
  • At the Age of Conquerors Solders(1/1) become powerless
  • At the Revolution Ambush become available
  • Next Age (Age of Glory) Offensive specialists(5/0) and Defensive specialists(0/5) attack better


  • It is unclear how War looks at early Ages. We know they existed.
  • We know exactly that at least since 5th Age were Multi-Kingdom Wars. It was needed just to declare a War to any Kingdom (any size). Other participants could join the War.
  • We don't know if multi-kingdoms were limited by maximum or not. At least at 11th Age (A. of Nobility) War was limited to 5 participants (also limited size).
  • We have poor information about Peace. Peace existed at least from 11th Age, and there is evidence it exists since beginning.
  • Peace was looked like Peaceful Stance, you declare intention, but only for one/several Kingdoms and have benefits from this.
  • If both Kingdom was in Peace, both of them have Binding Peace, which has same effect as Non-Aggression Pact now-days
  • At the Age of Valour rules changes. Multi-Kingdoms Wars were abolished.
  • Since that Age (Age of Valour) Kingdom could declare a new relation - Hostile (only 3 Hostile per one time at one Kingdom was permitted). War become automatically if both Kingdoms were active enough
  • At the Age of Tranquility Kingdom could have one Hostile one time only.
  • Next Age (Age of Turmoil) Peace can declare only for Hostile Kingdom
  • At Age of War rules changes once more. Classical now, only less unfriendly Kingdom could declare War (if one of them is at Hostile, second - minimum Unfriendly) and no need to declare Hostile
  • This 29th Age Peace was upgrade to Ceasefire. Also Unfriendly appeared.
  • Next Age (Age of Unity) Stances appeared. Normal, Peaceful, Fortified and Aggressive
  • At the Age of Conspiracy removed Peaceful Stance was removal
  • It looks like conditions of End War never changes


  • Politics looks like now mostly in all Ages: need to have more than 50% of Kingdom Networth or been elected by maximum votes, not less then 35%
  • First Kingdom Heads were prudish, so they call them-self Regents
  • At Sixth Age Heads begin call them-self King or Queen (Monarch in common case).
  • At Age of Conflict, minimum % to be elected changes to 60%
  • Since next Age (Age of Nobility) minimum % was changed to 50%, and have lead minimum 2 votes from anybody else.


  • We have too low information in was almost unwritten anywhere
  • At least since 3rd Age Dragons exist. The Head of Kingdom start the Project against Kingdom. There were no species, just one Dragon and only solders could kill him.
  • At the Age of the Dragon system changed: there are several species of Dragon: Ruby Dragon, Emerald Dragon, Sapphire Dragon and Gold Dragon. And both specialists and solders could kill him

Age's Names:

  • At World of Legend was 4 unique named Ages: as Generation, Revolution, Awakening and Call to Arms
  • 5 Ages was named as an Era
  • Rest of ages were named as Age

Ages 1998 - 1999 : The first generation of Utopia (1)  • The Second Age of Utopia (2)  • The Third Age of Utopia (3)  • The Fourth Age of Utopia (4)  • The Fifth Age of Utopia (5)  • The Sixth Age of Utopia (6)  •

2000 - 2001 : The Seventh Age of Utopia (7)  • The Age of Chaos (8)  • The Renaissance Age (9)  • The Age of Conflict (10)  • The Age of Nobility (11)  • The Era of Magic (12)  • The Era of Mystery (13)  • The Era of Strife (14)  •

2002 - 2003 : The Age of Valour (15)  • The Age of Discovery (16)  • The Age of the People (17)  • The Age of Heroes (18)  • An Era of Hope (19)  • An Age of Dreams (20)  • An Age of Wonders (21)  • An Age of Conquerors (22)  • The Revolution (23)  •

2004 - 2005 : An Age of Glory (24)  • An Age of Tranquility (25)  • An Age of Turmoil (26)  • An Age of Courage (27)  • An Age of Intrigue (28)  • An Age of War (29)  • An Age of Unity (30)  •

2006 - 2007 : An Age of Reason (31)  • An Age of Kings (32)  • An Age of Prosperity (33)  • The Age of the Dragon (34)  • An Age of Triumph (35)  • An Age of Bravery (36)  • The Age of Darkness (37)  •

2008 - 2009 : The Age of Angels (38)  • The Age of the Scholar (39)  • The Awakening (40)  • The Age of Renewal (41)  • The Age of Hope (42)  • The Age of Rebirth (43)  • The Age of Change (44)  • The Age of Light (45)  •

2010 - 2011 : The Age of Distinction (46)  • The Age of Justice (47)  • The Age of Peril (48)  • The Age of Conspiracy (49)  • The Age of Resurrection (50)  • The Age of Domination (51)  • An Era of Supremacy (52)  •

2012 - 2013 : The Age of Havoc (53)  • A Call to Arms (54)  • Veil of Shadows (55)  • Strength in Union (56)  • Relentless Onslaught (57)  • Art of War (58)  • An Honorable Proposition (59)  • A Battle Joined (60)  •

2014 - 2015 : Age of Destruction (61)  • Books of War (62)  • Iron Walls, Iron Heart (63)  • The Spoils of War (64)  • The Isles of Legion (65)  • Thunder and Bedlam (66)  •

2016 - 2017 : The Age of Perception (67)  • The Age of Heresy (68)  • The Age of Scholars and Scoundrels (69)  • The Age of Daunting Judgement (70)  • The Metamorphosis (71)  • The Era of Venerated Bastions (72)  • The Age of Tricksters and Mischief (73)  • The Age of Affinity (74)  •

2017 - 2018 : The Age of Empowering Enchantments (75)  • The Age of the Empyrean Advent (76)  • The Age of Accession and Abrogation (77)  • The Age of Insight (78)  • The Age of Vanguards Acquiescence (79)  •

2019 - 2020 : The Age of Reconnaissance (80)  • The Emergence (81)  • The Grimoires of Glory (82)  • Age of Adjudication (83)  • Bethink the Fray (84)  • Intuition (85)  • Global Viction (86)  • Age 87 (87)  • Age 88 (88)  • Reformation (89)

2021 - 2022 : Age of Exile 90