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This page will detail game mechanic changes to serve as a quick reference to returning players

Age 78

  • Learn attack reintroduced
  • Science system overhaul
  • Sage personality removed
  • All races and personalities have access to Amnesia and Revelation
  • Amnesia is now a War only spell, reduces target's science effectiveness
  • Kingdom v Kingdom in range throttle formula slightly adjusted
  • 7 day auto-ceasefire with a larger kingdom mechanic removed
  • War win land and honor bonuses reduced
  • Max GBP gains in war reduced by 25%
  • EoWCF population growth increased
  • Desertion per tick significantly reduced
  • Desertion now removes army both away and at home

Age 77

  • Races: 7 races choices now available to choose from (Bocan, Dark Elf, Dryad have been removed)
  • Attacks: The Abduct attack has been removed
  • Buildings: Universities will now only grant protection against Amnesia
  • Spells: Expose Thieves will now be available only with Unfriendly and higher relations
  • Spells: Support Spells ability moved to Paladin and tweaked slightly to be more difficult in extreme range scenarios
  • Science: Scientist soft cap reduced from 35 to 30 & Increase in base spawn rate
  • Rituals: Rituals have been made more distinct in their functions to add an element of strategy into the choice of ritual
  • Rituals: New ritual type added: Expropriation
  • Rituals: Resilient ritual has been removed from the game
  • Dragons: Dragon send range will be removed when targeting a Kingdom you are at war with
  • Wars: The 10% reduced attack time granted instantly on War Declare will be removed, attack speed reduction will slide in up to -25% over 12 ticks
  • Inactives: The days required for a Monarch to have the option to remove provinces will be reduced from 4 to 3 (48 hours to receive + for inactivity, then 3 days to be capable of manual removal)
  • Bugs: Fix the restoration of normal relations after Cease-Fires are sometimes canceled

Age 76

Age 75

Age 74

Age 73

Age 72

  • NW Changes: Peasants will now be 0.25 NW, and soldiers will be 0.5 NW and 1/1.
  • SOT change: we are considering adding a 'last seen' line to SOTs that will show most recent activity in addition to displaying information related to any active Kingdom Ritual
  • Scientists: generated on a flat ratio similar to wizards instead of via RNG.
  • Explore pool: remove kingdom-wide explore pool and replace it with province level exploration pools.
  • Gains: Replace Networth Based Gains (NWBG) with a hybrid Land Based Gains (LBG) system that incorporates NW.
  • Networth Protection: Significantly reduced for spells and sabotage operations.
  • Op success rate: Success rates made significantly easier to achieve
  • Wars and wins: Significantly reduced.
  • Wars and wins: In order to incentivize conflict between top WW kingdoms, we have altered the formula to provide additional WW points (scaling from the current if the kingdom you war is outside of the top 50 for land, honor, NW, and war wins) to double the current points.
  • Wars and wins: Additionally, we are adding a new set of WW bonuses. Kingdoms will receive recognition on their kingdom page based on the number of WW points they achieve. Each additional 'tier' that they obtain will also increase their WW bonus -- land, honor, credits, etc -- by 10%. This is capped at a WW bonus that is 50% larger than the baseline bonus.
  • Wars and wins: Finally the WW bonus will scale with kingdom size under 20 provinces to reduce the potential for abuse with kingdoms that remain intentionally small in the number of provinces.
  • Wars and wins: The War Win bonus will also include a provision of additional land to every province's individual explore pool in both kingdoms, this is mainly aimed at helping provinces that are destroyed in war to have a chance to grow back to a functional size.
  • Wars and wins: Exploration during End Of War Cease-Fire will have reduced cost penalties (from 500% to 250% of normal cost).
  • Explore Penalty - Kingdoms smaller than 10 provinces will see an increased explore penalty.
  • Kingdom Rituals: KRs are a new mechanic that serves as a kingdom-wide bonus.
  • Kingdom Rituals: The Monarch or Steward will select one of 3 rituals the kingdom will begin (similar to the starting of a dragon)
  • Kingdom Rituals: To complete the ritual the Kingdom must cast a new 'ritual spell' 100 times within 48 hours of the ritual being started
  • Kingdom Rituals: The ritual spell will have a very expensive rune casting cost; and have a difficulty similar to the most difficult self spell
  • Kingdom Rituals: A successful KR will last for 120 hours
  • Kingdom Rituals: Only one KR can be active, another KR can be started before the active KR ends, very similar to Dragons. Once the KR is completed, the previous KR will be replaced
  • Kingdom Rituals: All users will have a KR page; on this page only you will have the KR spell available to help initiate the KR
  • Kingdom Rituals: The KR page will also display various information such as: current KR status (type and strength), whether a new ritual is being cast, how many more successful casts are necessary
  • Kingdom Rituals: For enemies: an active KR will be displayed via Spy on Throne, where you will see which KR is active and current strength
  • Kingdom Rituals: There are three kinds of KRs, we do not yet have names for them, and the numbers are likely to change drastically:
    • 1) Barrier - Increases defensive TPA and WPA by 25%; reduces gains via attacks against the kingdom by 10% (similar to Guard Stations); +10% DME
    • 2) Affluent (WAR ONLY) - Increases income by 25%, Birth Rate by 20%, and draft speed by 25%
    • 3) Onslaught - Increases OME by 10% and enemy casualties on your offensive attacks by 15%
  • Note: The Prosperity KR can be initiated and completed at any time regardless of your stance (relations) however, if it is active and you are NOT in war you will receive no effects from it.
  • Spells: Inspire Army is no longer a baseline spell, it is being replaced by a Paladin-only spell called Paladin's Inspiration and has ~25% increased effects (low difficulty;moderate/high duration)
  • Spells: Paradise will still consume explore pool, will be available only to Mystic or Rogue personality (Not Faery)
  • Spells: Scientific Insights (Paladin Only) - This spell will increase the science effectiveness of target province by +10% (moderate difficulty/short duration)
  • Spells: Illuminate Shadows (Paladin Only) - Provide target with -20% damage from thievery operations (moderate/high difficulty;moderate duration)
  • Spells: Wrathful Smite (Paladin Only) - Attacks against province while this spell is active will result in higher casualties for the attacker (moderate difficulty;low/moderate duration)
  • Spells: Divine Shield (Paladin Only) - Increase magic defense of target (will stack with Magic Shield;low/moderate difficulty;moderate duration)
  • Spells: Magic Ward (Unf Only) (Paladin Only) - Increase target's spell cost in runes by 25% for duration (moderate difficulty)
  • Spells: Barrier of Integrity (Unf Only) (Paladin Only) - Stops all drafting that would normally take place in target province (moderate/high difficulty;very short duration)

Age 71

  • Science: Scientist Recruit rank reduced from 6 hours to 3 hours
  • Science: Scientist Spawn rate lowered slightly
  • Science: Food Science will now be Production Science, and it will increase both Food and Rune production
  • Science: Production Science maximum will be 120%, down from 200%
  • Science: Magic Science will no longer increase Wizard Production
  • Science: Approximately +50% Scientists will be required to reach maximum effects (We want there to be a strategic choice as to what science effects you have by reducing the spawn rate & increasing required scientists to reach max)
  • Spells: Revelation will increase scientist spawn rate by 30%, down from 100%
  • Spells: Revelation duration will be lowered
  • Spells: Fanaticism was modifying attack gains by -10% this has been removed
  • Spells: Blood Lust will provide +10% Offensive Military Efficiency & +15% Higher Military Losses for the caster & +10% Military Losses for the enemy
  • Wars and wins: Anonymity will no longer destroy honor during war
  • Wars and wins: The Raze attack's damage while in war has been increased
  • Wars and wins: The attack gains formula has been adjusted slightly to discourage bottom-feeding and reduce the penalties for top-feeding
  • Wars and wins: The in-war attack gains formula has also been adjusted to increase minimum gains in both directions, with a larger increase for attacking larger targets
  • Wars and wins: The War Win bonus choice of 'Land' or 'Honor' will be removed. All War Wins will yield a single bonus, which will be an increased amount of both Land and Honor. Similar to the minimum land bonus, a minimum honor bonus will also be added.
  • Wars and wins: Immediately upon entering End of War Cease-Fire any provinces affected by plague will have it removed instantly.
  • Wars and wins: Upon entering End of War Cease-Fire, the losing kingdom will receive 50% of their land as free building credits, while the winning kingdom will receive 150% of their land as free building credits. We would like to stimulate the ability for both kingdoms to recover from war such that both the losing kingdom has a better chance at coming out of war recovered and ready to fight again and more importantly, the winning kingdom has an opportunity to defend their land better upon exiting war.
  • Bugs: We have fixed a few discrepencies we found in the code that had not been brought to the attention of previous owners. The term bug may not be accurate in that the code was not 'wrong' except that the game was not working as documented. Such fixes include:
  • Bugs: Aggressive stance military casualties was affecting both sides, instead of only the Aggressive kingdom

Age 70

  • Science: Higher initial scientists
  • Science: Abduct rate boosted
  • Science: Spawn rate boosted
  • Science: Spawn rate increases each tick you do not get a scientist
  • Science: Laboratories boosted
  • Science: Revelation spell will double spawn rate
  • Science: Additional scientist rank Recruit- no effects, takes 6 hours to move up to Novice
  • Science: Professors will not accumulate experience past 72 hours
  • Science: Messaging on science page when you are in fortified and so not gaining scientists
  • Spells: Blizzard duration increased
  • Kingdom: Intra-kd robbing of runes will incur a resource loss
  • News: Starving will have a province news event
  • Preferences: Updated Vacation Mode messaging around war and exiting VM
  • Preferences: Embarrassing invitation text modified.

Age 69

  • Science: Science and learning removed and replaced with scientists
  • Dragons: Each Dragon type will have different health and cost.
Ruby - Slightly more expensive, a lot more health
Sapphire - A lot cheaper, health reduced significantly
Gold - Cost unchanged, health slightly reduced
Emerald - A lot more expensive, health increased significantly
  • Networth: Building networth will be modified to move the balance of networth onto the acre itself, rather than the building.
  • Networth: Soldier networth will be reduced.
  • Spells: New spell: Blizzard

Reduces the building effectiveness of a province by 10%, does not stack, medium cost and difficulty, short duration.

  • Wars and wins: Attack speed reduction in war buffed from -20% to -25%.
  • Forums+wiki: Upgrading to a better server and migrating the forums and wiki to it. May be some forum downtime while we do this over the weekend.
  • Stances: 72 hours max fortified, 96 hour cooldown between forts.

Age 68

  • Kingdom Preferences: The Wall: New monarch option to block randoms provinces from joining a kingdom. Causes kingdoms wages to increase by 20%.
  • Wars and wins: End of War ceasefire: Maximum time reduced to 72 hours. Double wizards removed.
  • Wars and wins: War win reward: Not granted if the kingdoms are out of range at war start.
  • Wars and wins: Timer will tick during war for stances and war will override any stance. You can change stances during war so as to exit war in your desired stance.
  • Wars and wins: War declaration: Requires 2 different people from each kingdom to have attacked (in such a way that the meter is moved) before war can be declared.
  • Fortified: Reduced to 48 hours max duration.
  • Aggressive stance: Attack time buffed to -15%.
  • Draft locked and timer message: Will be displayed on the military page around age start.
  • Aid page: Will inform you that sending aid counts as an aggressive action.
  • In-game target finder: Additional filters and sorting added for stance and war status.
  • War room: Will default to the kingdom you are at war with, if any.
  • Spells: Anonymity: This spell will case the target to lose honor, but the attacker will not gain it.
  • Spells: Tree of Gold: Reduced amount gained from this spell by 33.333333%, recurring of course.
  • Spells: Vermin: Removed.
  • Spells: Gluttony: New - Increases food required by 25%.
  • Guilds: Unaffected by BE for the purposes of calculating spell duration.
  • Empty kingdoms: I'll be able to create new empty kingdoms to move people into should they wish to start a new kingdom. Minimum 3 people to create a kingdom, 7 free invites provided.
  • Admin stuff: a bunch of backend improvements to allow me to suspend, kick people out of accounts and deactivate people quicker.
  • Bugs: Mail: Fixed sent mail being read by sender marking it as read for receiver.

Intra kingdom attacks: After a number of intra kingdom attacks further attacks are blocked until day change by Oops messages. We don't know why, so we removed and rewrote that entire section.

Age 67

  • Dragons: Ruby dragon buffed from 8% to 10%
  • Kingdom locations: If you're in war, when you go to the thievery or combat spells page we will automatically target the enemy kingdom you're at war with
  • Vacation mode: Cannot leave or enter VM while your kingdom is in war
  • Espionage tab: Added some additional info to the kingdom espionage page - personality, race runes, gold and food
  • Wars and wins: 50 books per acre of science (based on median province size) granted to both kingdoms
  • Wars and wins: An additional 150 BPA added to the winner
  • Wars and wins: Wizard training doubled in end of war ceasefire
  • Kingdom page: Provinces that are being sat show as online when they are being used.
  • Gold: You can now stack GC over 2.15 billion
  • FB: sharing the games URL on facebook no longer results in the message reporting text appearing

Age 66

  • Bug fixes only

Age 65

  • Kingdoms: Kingdoms will fill to 22 players, rather than 20
  • Islands: Kingdom allocation per island will increase
  • Islands: Discovery of islands will be every 2 hours after OOP, rather than every 3 hours
  • Vacation Mode: Cannot interact with a dragon for 24 hours after leaving VM. Cannot send aid for 24 hours after leaving VM.

Age 64

  • Kingdom:Sat provs will be highlighted to the monarch.
  • Kingdom: Kingdom honor and rank will also be displayed to kingdom members on the kingdom page.
  • Spells: Mystic Vortex rune cost and difficulty reduced.
  • Spells: Builders Boon time reduction buffed from 10% to 25%.
  • Spells: Greater Protection now stacks with Minor Protection.
  • Ops: Snatch News now easier and takes less stealth.
  • Ops: Spy On Military now takes less stealth.
  • Throne: Monarch message now has line breaks.
  • War wins: Acre reward capped at 20k
  • War wins: Selecting land as a bonus will also result in a smaller honor bonus and vice versa.
  • Science: Extreme, Rushed, Intensive and Accelerated cost reduced.

Age 63

  • Military Science: More points now required for the same effect.
  • Arson and Greater Arson: GA increased moderately, Arson damage increased significantly.
  • Fortified: Maximum duration reduced to 72 hours. Bonuses changed as shown below.
-50% gains hitting in (slides in over a period of 24 hours) 
-50% gains on magic and thievery ops in(slides in over a period of 24 hours)
-40% Military training time and cost
+40% draft speed
-50% Construction time and cost
+200% Birth Rate

-50% gains hitting out
-50% gains on magic and thievery ops out
+500% Explore costs
No Paradise spell available
Science limited to "Active"
  • Specialist Credits: These will decay while out of war at a rate of 10% per day.
  • Elite Wages: Increased across the board to .7 gc.
  • War Win Chart: Opponent net worth far less significant in determining points.
  • Vacation Mode: Cannot be entered near age end.

Age 62

  • Buildings: Mills will also reduce exploration soldier costs by % * 2
  • Buildings: Forts will increase DME from 1.5 to 2 per %
  • Buildings: Schools will protect science by 5 per %, up from 3.5, the effects cap is unchanged.
  • Learns: Protection from subsequent hits will fire more aggressively when provinces are Learned.
  • Science: Gains science will be removed and replaced with a base military efficiency science bonus which will scale similarly to Population science.
  • Players will be able to create and share custom game themes. You can edit the games colours, fonts, images etc and share (or not) these changes with the community.

Age 61

  • Dragons: Sapphire and Emerald modified
  • Troops will slay a dragon at their individual strength. A race with +1 offensive strength will slay at 5 points, an elite will slay at its highest elite value. You cannot oversend when slaying any more.
  • Taunts: Price reduced by 50% to 5 credits. Added additional checks to avoid taunting your own kingdom.
  • Kingdom hostile meter: Price reduced by 50% to 10 credits a week.
  • Homes: Increase population by 10
  • Stables: Hold 80 horses per stable, draft 2 horses an hour.
  • Massacre: Raze element in war removed. Damage in war increased.
  • Raze: Damage in war to buildings significantly increased.

Age 60

  • Protection will be changed to last for 24 hours and provinces starting resources will be modified to take this into account. Provinces will begin with 400 acres of which 200 will be built (10% farms, 25% banks, 10% guilds and 5% towers) 200 building credits and an army that is 50% drafted with credits to train the soldiers. The personality resources below are additional to this.
  • Provinces over the median will not be able to explore more than 50% of their acres at a time.
  • Personalities will grant bonus resources. For example: Mystics will get +200 wizards, Sages start with +40000 books of science, War Hero has +200 elites. (edit: added all starting resources above)
  • Draft will unlock after 3 days rather than 7

Age 59

  • Explore formula: We've moved away from an exponential formula to something that is curved more gently. Increases and reductions to cost based on a provinces size relative to the kingdom are still in effect.
  • Honor: The formulas have been changed significantly both in war and out of war and on ops and attacks. Honor gains and losses should be a less spikey and honor gains out of war are increased.
   [* ]Population mod on honor is reduced to 1%
   Attacking honor gains/losses in war have been reduced
   Attacking honor gains/losses out of war have been increased for normal relations with a further increase for hostile relations
   Op and spell honor gains/losses in war have been unchanged
   Op and spell honor gains/losses out of war have been increased for normal relations with a further increase for hostile relations
   The honor gains curve has been significantly changed to address top/bottom feeding issues
  • Sitting: The minimum is changed from 3 days to 1 day.
  • War Win Chart: New formula in effect that considers your opponents war wins.
  • Hostile meter: Reduced to from 200 points to 150.

Age 58

  • Exploring: Pool growth will be changed from 100 a tick to 50. Decay will be reduced to .25% per tick. In addition to the pool not decaying in war it will not decay if it is less than 10,000 acres.
  • Intel Store: We will add a Intel repository for players to store basic information on a province, such as defense and active ops on them with duration remaining. Intel will disappear after 24 hours unless its updated. You can see this information in a tab on the kingdom page of your enemy.
  • Province target finder: We will incorporate a province filter. Players can select all or particular races to view and the game will automatically display the 10 closest provinces both larger and smaller than your province. The data is collected from the games charts, which will now update every 2 hours. You can see this information in a tab on your war room. The target finder will not be online until all islands are visible.

Age 57

  • The explore formula base cost is increased, with modifications on cost for provinces above and below the median. War (including End of War Ceasefires period) and Fortified stance will have a cost multiplier of 5.
  • In War the minimum gains will be reduced by 50%
  • Attack times in the War Room will be displayed in a more understandable format and with greater accuracy
  • Players will be able to choose to extend or reduce their attack times to allow greater schedule flexibility. Additional hours will result in greater gains while minus hours will result in less gains and less enemy kills. The modified gains etc will be derived from the modification in attack time and will also be displayed. You can see a pic of the war room here

Age 56

  • The explore formula now additionally relates to the size of provinces in a kingdom
  • Paradise will remove acres from the explore pool, which will now grow 5 times faster (i.e 100 acres an hour) and also decay .5% an hour. This decay will not occur during war or end of war ceasefire.
  • Winning a war and selecting land as a reward will grant a minimum of 5k acres to the kingdom.
  • Players will be able to abandon and leave their province to the kingdom even if that kingdom has no invitations left.
  • The war room now allows you to enter the defense you wish to break and will indicate the % your are over/under
  • Espionage operations will be completely accurate if players send 10% of their thieves. This accuracy will be conveyed via the operation message
  • Espionage operations will be able to be conducted through in game ceasefires.
  • Monarch bonuses be removed
  • Monarchs can set a fellow kingdom mate as their Steward (replaces Chamberlain). The Steward can conduct diplomacy such as extend/accept ceasefires, declare war and update the throne room messaging for the kingdom as well as the old Chamberlain options.
  • The Anonymity spell has been modified. This spell will result in minus attack gains rather than additional attack time. Apart from this the spell works as before.
  • Honor phase-in at age start has had the amount per tick doubled and the overall time halved.

Age 55

  • Specialists now defend and attack at 4 points respectively.
  • The explore formula is revised. It is now significantly cheaper to explore at smaller sizes compared to both previous ages.
  • The reduced gains protection afforded to smaller kingdom when attacked by larger kingdoms will be removed when the smaller kingdom reaches 50 points on the meter.
  • Towards a similar end, when both kingdom reach max hostility the option to declare will appear regardless of the kingdoms networth.
  • Winning a war will not grant any honor taken from your opponents honor pool. Monarchs will instead be able to set a kingdom reward for winning wars, this reward will be honor or land and will be a combination based on both kingdoms relevant resources.
  • Intra kingdom hits will remove some honor from the attacked province.
  • Attacks in war will not take extra acres from the exploration pool.
  • Entering Fortified stance will result in -50% magic and thief operation gains. This kicks in immediately for the fortified kingdom and slides in over 24 hours for the rest.
  • Sabotage damage mods will increase the thievery damage cap, watchtowers will decrease it.

Age 54

  • Shepherd removed
  • War Hero added
  • Reservations will be the only option to use when new age starts if you select "stay in kingdom" to prevent people creating random provinces by mistake.
  • Failed attacks have a chance to move the meter 1 point proportional to the amount of offense sent. An attack that fails by sending 70% of the offense required to break has a 70% chance to move the meter 1 point.
  • Plunder, Learn, Massacre and Raze are now worth 2 points on the meter
  • The war declaration range for kingdoms will be changed to 25% smaller or 33% larger
  • War will end automatically if your opponents networth drops to 50% of yours. This will only occur after a minimum of 7 days of warring and is calculated on tick.
  • war rewards changed significantly

Age 53

  • Explore costs increased
  • Building and raze costs reduced
  • War win chart added
  • Fortified stance limited to 4 days duration at a time

Age 52

  • Undeads will not convert any troops if they hit out of the end of war ceasefire period.
  • Fog is removed from the game.
  • Honor generation will be reduced as the amount generated on attacks is too high
  • Casting Storms or Drought on a Shepherd will not be blocked but you will get a message that they are immune on a successful cast.
  • End of War Ceasefire period can be extended up to 4 days
  • Fake Wars are not allowed and will be actioned
  • Stances extensively changed
  • Meter changes: We count trads as 2 points, all other hits as 1. The attack gains reduction factor is built into all attacks except raze and ambush.
  • Meter Cap 200 points:
  • Gains throttling: Occurs after 100 points and slides linearly to 200 points having - 50% gains.
  • Inactive provinces will automatically abandon after 5 day changes have occurred since last activity. The monarchs can then invite a new player into them, or delete them.

Age 51

  • Province networth will be shown in SoT
  • Kingdom pages will update when stance or monarchy is changed
  • The End Of War Ceasefire period is extended to 72 hours but can now be exited after 12 hours with no daily honor loss in war
  • Thief Dens loss reduction will take effect on successful operations, in additional to its existing effects.
  • Chastity will cost twice the runes it does currently

Age 50

  • Base peasant income increased from 2.25 gc per peasant to 2.75.
  • Base building time reduced to 16 hours.
  • Base thief cost reduced to 500 gold coins
  • Dark Elf is removed
  • Gnome is removed
  • Undead will be added
  • Faery will be added
  • Artisan is removed
  • Cleric will be added

Age 49

  • ingame chat feature added
  • Bloodlust. Type: Self spell. Cost: 2000 runes. Difficulty: Similar to shadowlight and animate dead. Effect: A province under Bloodlust will inflict 15% more kills and suffer 5% more kills on their next attack.
  • Mage's Fury. Type: Duration self-spell. Cost: 1400 runes. Difficulty: Similar to Fanaticism. Duration: Max 12 days.Effect: This spell increases the province's WPA by 10% for offensive purposes while decreasing it by 10% for defensive purposes. No effect on self-spells.
  • "Peaceful" stance has been removed. Its effects have been moved into "Fortified".
  • Dragons have been boosted

Age 48

  • Paradise: Base number of acres is randomised between 2 & 8. Quantity of acres no longer affected by Guilds. Mystics Spell Potency bonus does NOT apply.
  • Espionage: Only need to send 20% thieves for best accuracy.
  • Espionage accuracy no longer affected by target Watch Towers.

Age 47

  • Halflings will be returning to Utopia as a strong thief race.
  • Thievery operations will be split into two categories - Espionage and Sabotage.
  • Espionage will consist of information gathering operations and Sabotage will involve destructive operations.
  • Crystal Ball and Crystal Eye shall be removed from spells and added as espionage thievery operations named Spy on Throne and Snatch news respectively.

Age 46

  • War Hero removed
  • Tactician added

Age 45

  • Server time is now in GMT/UTC
  • Undead is removed
  • Logout bonuses no longer exist (no rewards for staying off the server)
  • Meteor Showers (spell) is only available to mystic
  • Paradise: land created by Paradise appears from no-where - i.e does not come from explore pool
  • Raze: in war this attack only destroys Buildings
  • Removing NW based attack times in war
  • On war declaration, attack time reduction will jump to -10% immediately, then phase to -20%
  • War phasing will be reduced to 12 hours (this does not apply to protection which is still 24h)
  • In end of war ceasefire, +200% increase in birth rates
  • post war CF is 48 hours, monarch can opt out of the CF at any point after 24 hours have passed (each monarch can decide on his own - both kingdoms don't have to stay)
  • Tax calculation is based on average KD NW (provinces awaiting activation are not included when calculating average NW, and this will only apply to provinces who are below the average KD NW)
  • No Tax exemption for new provinces
  • TB values - soldiers 100gc, runes 3gc, bushels 0.2gc

Ages 1998 - 1999 : The first generation of Utopia (1)  • The Second Age of Utopia (2)  • The Third Age of Utopia (3)  • The Fourth Age of Utopia (4)  • The Fifth Age of Utopia (5)  • The Sixth Age of Utopia (6)  •

2000 - 2001 : The Seventh Age of Utopia (7)  • The Age of Chaos (8)  • The Renaissance Age (9)  • The Age of Conflict (10)  • The Age of Nobility (11)  • The Era of Magic (12)  • The Era of Mystery (13)  • The Era of Strife (14)  •

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2004 - 2005 : An Age of Glory (24)  • An Age of Tranquility (25)  • An Age of Turmoil (26)  • An Age of Courage (27)  • An Age of Intrigue (28)  • An Age of War (29)  • An Age of Unity (30)  •

2006 - 2007 : An Age of Reason (31)  • An Age of Kings (32)  • An Age of Prosperity (33)  • The Age of the Dragon (34)  • An Age of Triumph (35)  • An Age of Bravery (36)  • The Age of Darkness (37)  •

2008 - 2009 : The Age of Angels (38)  • The Age of the Scholar (39)  • The Awakening (40)  • The Age of Renewal (41)  • The Age of Hope (42)  • The Age of Rebirth (43)  • The Age of Change (44)  • The Age of Light (45)  •

2010 - 2011 : The Age of Distinction (46)  • The Age of Justice (47)  • The Age of Peril (48)  • The Age of Conspiracy (49)  • The Age of Resurrection (50)  • The Age of Domination (51)  • An Era of Supremacy (52)  •

2012 - 2013 : The Age of Havoc (53)  • A Call to Arms (54)  • Veil of Shadows (55)  • Strength in Union (56)  • Relentless Onslaught (57)  • Art of War (58)  • An Honorable Proposition (59)  • A Battle Joined (60)  •

2014 - 2015 : Age of Destruction (61)  • Books of War (62)  • Iron Walls, Iron Heart (63)  • The Spoils of War (64)  • The Isles of Legion (65)  • Thunder and Bedlam (66)  •

2016 - 2017 : The Age of Perception (67)  • The Age of Heresy (68)  • The Age of Scholars and Scoundrels (69)  • The Age of Daunting Judgement (70)  • The Metamorphosis (71)  • The Era of Venerated Bastions (72)  • The Age of Tricksters and Mischief (73)  • The Age of Affinity (74)  •

2017 - 2018 : The Age of Empowering Enchantments (75)  • The Age of the Empyrean Advent (76)  • The Age of Accession and Abrogation (77)  • The Age of Insight (78)  • The Age of Vanguards Acquiescence (79)  • The Age of Reconnaissance (80)