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Science Categories, Types and Effects

Science Category Type Effect Multiplier
Economy Alchemy Income
Economy Tools Building Effectiveness
Economy Housing Population Limits
Economy Production Food & Rune Production
Economy Bookkeeping Wage Reduction
Economy Artisan Construction Time Reduction & Construction Cost Reduction
Warfare Strategy Defensive Military Efficiency
Warfare Siege Battle Gains
Warfare Tactics Offensive Military Efficiency
Warfare Valor Reduced Military Train Time & Increased Dragon Slaying Strength
Warfare Heroism Draft Speed & Draft Costs Reduction
Arcane Arts Crime Thievery Effectiveness
Arcane Arts Channeling Magic Effectiveness
Arcane Arts Shielding Reduced Damage from Enemy Thievery and Magic Instant Operations
Arcane Arts Cunning Increased Thievery and Magic Instant Operation Damage
Arcane Arts Invocation Ritual Rune Cost Reduction
Science Bonus = ( # of Books in Type )^(1/x) * Science Multiplier * Race Mod * Personality Mod * Amnesia Effect * Learn Effect * Scientific Insights Mod

Scientists and Books

  • Each province starts with a set number of scientists assigned to the three science Categories (Economy, Warfare, Arcane Arts).
  • Scientists start out as Recruits, then as they progress they provide incrementally greater benefits with each progression.
  • Scientist experience is based on how many books they have produced in that category.
  • Scientists have no networth value.
  • Scientists can be re-assigned at any time, but revert to Recruit level when doing so.
  • Every tick each province builds progress towards a new scientist. Laboratories increase the rate of this progress.
  • Scientists produce a set number of books each tick in the Category they are allocated (Economy, Warfare, Arcane Arts), based on their rank. Schools increase this effect, but only in a single Category selected with a drop-down menu.
  • Books can be allocated to any science Type within the Category they have been produced.
  • Allocated books go into effect instantly.
  • Inactive provinces do not produce books.
Scientists Spawn Rate = X * Race Mod * Laboratories Effect * Revelation Mod
Rank Experience Book Production
Recruit 0-2399 100
Novice 2400-12479 140
Graduate 12480-25439 180
Professor 25440+ 225

Science Networth

Each book is worth ~0.00 points of networth.

Obsolete and historical data - saved for reference

Historical information on science systems and formulas can be found here: Science: Obsolete and historical data

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