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This page lists various statistics about your Kingdom, such as Networth, Acres, your rank in both these categories and the provinces contained in your Kingdom - A Kingdom may have up to 25 individual provinces. It also contains your war record which details how many wars you have entered and how many you have won/lost. Your kingdom will automatically be filled to 22 provinces by random provinces who join the game. After that the kingdom can be filled up to 25 provinces using invites.

The Kingdom page also holds the name of your Kingdom, as well as a Banner that the Monarch may have set.

Aside from your own Kingdom information this page allows you to take a look at other Kingdoms as well by either submitting the particular Kingdom location you wish to visit or by simply using the browse through Kingdoms buttons.

At the start of the age (once protection ends), neighboring islands will be revealed every 2 hours until all islands are visible.

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