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Utopia currently has 9 races. This is a list of the current benefits, limitations, Spell books, and army info for the Utopian Races on the WoL server for Age 75

For previous bonuses, see Races (Age 74)

For personality bonuses, see Personality

Comparison Table

 Avians  Bocans  Dark Elves
  • -30% Attack travel time
  • +30% Birth Rate
  • +20% Banks Effectiveness
  • +50% Honor Bonuses
  • +20% Sabotage Damage
  • +25% Instant Spell Damage
  • +2 Offensive Specialist strength
  • Converts Specialists into Elites on successful Traditional Marches

Fanaticism, Greater Protection, Aggression

Invisibility, Inspire Army, Town Watch, Nightmare


  • Cannot Use War Horses or Stables
  • +20% Wages

Elite: 9/2, 775gc, 9.0 NW

Elite: 4/7, 500gc, 7.0 NW

5/7, 700gc, 9.0 NW

 Dryads  Dwarves  Elves
  • All land produces food
  • -35% Military Train Time
  • Mercenaries & Prisoners 7/0
  • War Horses 4/0
  • +15% Building Efficiency
  • Free Building Construction
  • -50% Building Construction Time
  • +35% WPA
  • +20% Tower Effectiveness
  • +1 Defensive Specialist Strength

Quick Feet

Mystic Aura, Inspire Army

Inspire Army, Mage's Fury, Chastity,

  • +15% Attack Travel Time
  • -15% Enemy Military Casualties
  • Can't use Accelerated Construction
  • +100% Food consumption

Elite: 12/2, 900gc, 11 NW

Elite: 8/5, 900gc, 10.0 NW

Elite: 7/6, 700gc, 8.5 NW

 Faeries  Humans  Orcs
  • +35% Self Spell Duration (will not affect spells on others)
  • Can Cast Fading Spells on Kingdom Mates
  • +30% Income
  • +15% Credits (Building & Training)
  • +25% Scientist Spawn Rate
  • +15% Battle Gains
  • Free draft
  • +15% Enemy casualties when attacking

Fool's Gold, Greater Protection, Invisibility, Mystic Aura, Reflect Magic, Tree of Gold, Animate Dead

Greater Protection, Inspire Army

Reflect Magic

  • -10% Income
  • -10% WPA
  • +20% Rune Costs
  • +10% Military Casualties
  • -15% TPA

Elite: 4/9, 900gc, 10.5 NW

Elite: 9/4, 900gc, 10.0 NW

Elite: 10/1, 900gc, 9.5 NW

Current Races in Utopia


  • A mix of bird and man, Avians have the unique ability to fly. Their natural wilderness lifestyle and speed make them efficient and powerful warriors, but they breed at a ferocious rate.

Lived at: Age 3 ... Age 35, Age 45... now


  • The malevolent Bocan can take any form, from a satyr to a cat. The only way to spot a Bocan is their eyes, which will glow red, blue, or green. This characteristic makes them excellent thieves. But be careful, they are fiercely independent creatures and may not follow your orders as effectively as you may wish.

Lived at: Age 73... now

Dark Elves

  • Subterranean counterpart of the Elves, the Dark Elves are also known for their magical abilities and are evil individuals that like suffering and pain. The Dark Elven mages are the most efficient at performing magic and have developed a unique skill that allows them to generate mystical energies without using runes. Their hostile underground environment has allowed the Dark Elves to develop special offensive manoeuvres, their offensive troops are more efficient than average, as well as a unique spell that makes enemy troops completely harmless! Unfortunately, these rude living conditions also severely hinder their exploring abilities. Overall, Dark Elves are naturally oriented towards Magic and are very efficient at casting the hardest, and most powerful, spells, but they can also handle the Attacker and the Thieves roles very well.

Lived at: Age 36 ... Age 49, Age 73 ... now


  • A recently discovered race of magical treefolk, the Dryads have are caretakers of nature and have a unique connection to the land. This affinity allows them to produce bountiful harvests from their own lands, even if they don't have farms. This link also extends to the creatures of their woodlands, most notably the horses they breed and care for, who possess a fierceness of spirit not found amongst those of other races. Despite the strength of their woods and it's creatures, the dryads themselves are rather peaceable and shy away from combat unless absolutely necessary. Even then, their aversion to bloodshed makes them reluctant to enter battle or even slay those who would bear arms against them. It remains to be seen just what role the Dryads will play in the world of Utopia.

Lived at: Age 72 ... now


  • Dwarves are a friendly but powerful race of individuals, and by far the most technologically advanced race in Utopia. They have always had huge skills in engineering, mining and metallurgy, and with time and experience they have become excellent at building and using their land. Being as it is mostly underground, it takes them longer to complete similar projects by other races though it provides some protection from being overwhelmed in attacks.

Lived at: Age 1 ... now


  • An intelligent group of individuals, Elves have always been known for their magical abilities and grant a high priority to the research of the arcane powers. Elves master the mystical energies easier than other race. They also have learned many and powerful spells. Overall, Elves are naturally oriented towards Magic, but are very versatile and can be used for attacking also. They can be good Mages or supporting Attacker/Mages.

Lived at: Age 1 ... Age 72 ... Age 74


  • A race of creatures unbeknownst to many, the Faeries excel at magic (as they are beings of magic themselves) and subterfuge (largely due to their small size), but are often known as the most peaceful of the Utopian races. These creatures are considered fragile but noble, and much about these tiny forest dwellers remains a mystery.

Lived at: Age 1 ... Age 35, Age 50 ... now


  • The most scholarly and noble of the races, Humans have always taken the greatest interest in learning about their world, and developing better tools and machines to make life easier. Alas, they are often considered a greedy and selfish bunch, but humans do know how to make money extremely well and have the power to create money magically. Overall, Humans are versatile.

Lived at: Age 1 ... now


  • The most evil of the races, the Orcs are cruel, selfish, and arrogant. Lovers of destruction and chaos, they are one of the most ferocious and efficient warriors on the planet and their ranks are filled with one of the most powerful units in the game, the dreadful Ogre. Unfortunately, their abilities in the arts of Science leave much to be desired. Overall, Orcs tend to be focused Attackers and are a good pick for players who do not want to bother with heavy magic or thievery yet.

Lived at: Age 1 ... now

Retired Races


  • The Undead are an unnatural species with amazingly unique abilities. They are generally rotting to pieces and carry the plague (a highly contagious disease that will kill the living but seems to provide them the strength they need to survive) with them wherever they walk. Unfortunately, their zombie-like nature (their brains are literally falling apart) makes it difficult for them to understand the arts of thievery, resulting in them having trouble remembering things they had learned and holding back their ability to progress.

Lived at: Age 6 ... Age 35, Age 43, Age 50 ... Age 73


  • A race resembling tiny humans, Halflings are famous for their quickness and Thievery skills. Their small stature makes them mediocre warriors, but also creates many unique advantages. Their petite size also results in the natural ability to substantially increase their effectiveness on certain thievery operations.

Lived at: Age 3 ... Age 35, Age 47 ... Age 72


  • The most mysterious of the races, the Gnomes are short legged individuals who live in natural areas close to the Earth and care for wildlife. Because of their extremely small size, Gnomes are genetically well suited for the tasks of thievery and excel at espionage operations. Alas, their specific magical nature makes them immune to the healing techniques used by the other races. Overall, Gnomes are by far the best intelligence gatherers in the game. Gnomes are versatile and will be a good pick for players who want to focus on conducting thievery operations, combining this with either attacking power or Magic. Their cheap troops make them another good pick for beginners.

Lived at: Age 36 ... Age 49

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