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Sciences are the study of knowledge and create our pathway into the future. By studying the laws that govern our being and understanding the effects of these laws, we can strengthen ourselves in all that we do. The mystery of magic and thievery, our military prowess, even our methods of production can all be enhanced through the power of study with an investment in time devoted to those fields. The students of our province will lead us into the future with your careful direction.

Mastering the Arts & Sciences makes your people stronger, smarter, and more efficient. You can grow in strength without growing in size.

Details on the benefits of different sciences can be found below.

Science Categories, Types and Effects

Check out the Guide for descriptions:, then go to Science in the navigation menu.

Science Category Type Effect Multiplier
Economy Alchemy Income ~0.0724
Tools Building Effectiveness ~0.0524
Housing Population Limits ~0.0262
Production Food & Rune Production ~0.2492
Bookkeeping Wage Reduction ~0.068
Artisan Construction Time Reduction, Construction & Raze Cost Reduction ~0.0478
Military Strategy Defensive Military Efficiency ~0.0367
Siege Battle Gains ~0.0262
Tactics Offensive Military Efficiency ~0.0367
Valor Reduced Military Train Time & Increased Dragon Slaying Strength ~0.0582
Heroism Draft Speed & Draft Costs Reduction ~0.0418
Resilience Reduced Military Casualties ~0.0367
Arcane Arts Crime Thievery Effectiveness ~0.1557
Channeling Magic Effectiveness ~0.1875
Shielding Reduced Damage from Enemy Thievery and Magic Instant Operations ~0.0314
Sorcery Increased Magic Instant Damage ~0.0314
Cunning Increased Thievery Operation Damage ~0.0314
Invocation Ritual Rune Cost Reduction ~0.0622

Science Formula

Science Bonus = ( # of Books in Type )^(1/2.125) * Science Multiplier * Race Mod * Personality Mod * Amnesia Effect * Learn Effect * Scientific Insights Mod * Libraries Mod

Scientists and Books

  • Each province starts with a set number of scientists assigned to the three science Categories (Economy, Military, Arcane Arts).
  • Scientists start out as Recruits, then as they progress they provide incrementally greater benefits with each progression.
  • Scientist experience is based on how many books they have produced in that category.
  • Scientists have no networth value.
  • Scientists can be re-assigned at any time, but revert to Recruit level when doing so.
  • Every tick each province builds progress towards a new scientist. Laboratories increase the rate of this progress.
  • Scientists produce a set number of books each tick in the Category they are allocated (Economy, Military, Arcane Arts), based on their rank. Schools increase this effect, but only in a single Category selected with a drop-down menu.
  • Books can be allocated to any science Type within the Category they have been produced.
  • Allocated books go into effect instantly.
  • Inactive provinces do not produce books.
  • Science over 5000 BPA will slowly decay outside War.

Scientist Spawn Rate Formula

Scientists Spawn Rate = 1.5 * Race Mod * Universities Effect * Revelation Mod

Scientist Ranks and Production

Rank Experience Book Production
Recruit 0-2399 100
Novice 2400-8159 120
Graduate 8160-18239 140
Professor 18240+ 160

Re-assigning Scientists

Re-assigning scientists drops them back to a recruit. Refer to this forum post for a discussion on this topic:

Science and Races

Some races gain or lose science effectiveness, as follows:

Race Category Bonus
Halfling Cunning +35%
Orc All -10%

Science and Personalities

Personalities gain a passive bonus to book production, as follows:

Personality Category Bonus
Artisan Economy +25%
Heretic Channeling, Crime +20%
Mystic Channeling +30%
Paladin Economy +25%
Raider Military +25%
Rogue Crime +30%
Sage All +25%
Tactician Military +25%
War Hero Military +25%
Warrior Military +25%

Science Networth

Books are worth [0.000006 * Current Land] points.

Obsolete and historical data - saved for reference

Historical information on science systems and formulas can be found here: Science: Obsolete and historical data

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