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The Spell Book: Self Spells

Listed here is a short reference guide to each of the spells available that can be cast on yourself. Any restrictions on use will be listed under the name. The max cast shown does not include any racial bonuses

Minor Protection

 Effect: Increases defensive military efficiency by 5%.

If you manage to get this 5% buff in between the time your opponent gets intel and launches his/her attack you have the chance of bouncing them.

Greater Protection

 Effect: Increases defensive military efficiency by 5%.
 Duration: max 36 hours

Allows you to use less mana towards maintaining the 5% dme buff, but also means you have less opportunities to bounce attacks.

Magic Shield

 Effect: Increases your defensive magic efficiency by 20%.

Useful in many instances, particularly if you can expect incoming magic ops from someone on the threshold for decent success (*2-5 your wpa).

Mystic Aura

 Effect: Repels the next offensive spell cast upon you (except own spells).

Does not work on reflected spells. If online can repeatedly and repeatedly bounce incoming spells.

Fertile Lands

 Effect: Increases food production by 25%.

Almost never worth it in war. Watch out for instances in which population might increase drastically or BE might plummet drastically. You might need it then.

Nature's Blessing

 Effect: Protects your land against Storms and Drought. Has a 20% chance of curing Plague (per cast).

This spell could cure plague in 1 cast, 20, or some other number that will drive you insane. It's normally a good idea to have this up if your race has a negative food growth nerf or if you are waving into a kd and giving ops.

Love & Peace

 Effect: Increases base birth rate from 2.05% to 2.80%.

Terrific spell. If growing in protection make sure to cast it as soon as possible. Useful to cast almost anytime you are drastically underpopped, unless you are likely to be chained.

Tree of Gold

 Effect: Magically creates a small amount of gold (from 40 to 80% of your daily income).

PWNPWNPWN. Try to maximize it by using when econ is at its peek within the time frame that you could use it. Costs more if over 75% mana.

Quick Feet

 Effect: Decreases your attack times by 10% for your next attack.
 Duration: Removed after 1 attack.

Mana heavy spell.

Builders' Boon

 Effect: Decreases your construction times by 10% for building set to build while active.

Inspire Army

 Effect: Decreases your military wages by 15%. Decreases your military training time by 20%.
 Duration: max 24 hours

Use in any instance in which you can stock gc and train at the latest moment.


 Effect: Hides your province name during your next attack at the cost of no honor gains,
 causing the attacked province to be unable to ambush that attack.
 Decreases your attack gains by 15% for your next attack.
 Duration: removed after attack

Often necessary if you believe you will be ambushed otherwise. Low defensive value elites single tapping a target with the ability to ambush may particularly find this spell helpful.


 Effect: Increases your offensive thievery efficiency by 10%.

Offensive tpa good. More offensive tpa better.

Clear Sight

 Effect: Automatically catches 25% of the thieves' operations conducted against your province.

Very powerful spell. Has the same capture affect as about 20% WT on 79 BE.

War Spoils

 Effect: Makes the land gained from Traditional March immediately available.
 Duration: max 6 hours

Don't use if there's a chance you will be chained.


 Effect: Increases your offensive military effienciency by 5%. Decreases your defensive military effienciency by 3%.

Mage's Fury

 Effect: This spell increases the province's WPA by 20% for offensive purposes while decreasing it by 20% for defensive
 purposes. No effect on self-spells.

Fountain of Knowledge

 Effect: Increases your science research by 10% while the spell is active.

Town Watch

 Effect: Every 4 of your peasants will defend your land with 1 point of defense.

If you are going to be chained, activate this spell so that you lose peasants. Spell increases amount of prisoners generated for attacker.


 Effect: Turns all your soldiers into 2/0 (Halfling: 3/1) troops before modifiers.

Animate Dead

 Effect: Raises 50% of your dead troops into basic soldiers during your next defensive battle.

Reflect Magic

 Effect: Has a 25% chance of reflecting offensive spells cast upon your province.

Incredibly powerful spell.


 Effect: Reveals the name of the next province performing a successful thievery operation upon your province.


 Effect: A province under Bloodlust will inflict 15% more kills and suffer 5% higher losses on their next attack.

Casualties do not affect gbp. This affect multiplies.


 Effect: Increases military draft speed by 30%.

Cast when drafting or being propped.


 Effect: Creates a small amount of land per cast.

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The Spell Book: Offensive Spells

Listed here is a short reference guide to each of the spells available that can be cast upon your enemies. Any restrictions on usage will be listed under the name.


 Effect: Kills 1.5% of total population per day.


 Effect: Decreases food production by 25%, military draft rate by 15% and horses production by 50%.
 Some horses may also die as a result.


 Effect: Food decays at a rate of 6%, up from a base of 1%

Expose Thieves

 Effect: Decreases available stealth of target province to 93% of its original amount.

Does not require very high wpa, but is able to make useful very high tpa. Very useful if you know when they are planning on using stocked stealth.


 Effect: Increases military wages by 25%.

Fool's Gold

 Effect: Destroys some gold.


 Effect: Increases defensive military losses by 25%.


 Effect: Kills a small and random portion of peasants (4-7%).

This spell is not affected by many of the mods limiting other spells.


 Effect: Suspends births, preventing population from growing naturally.

BR is a function of peasants so if peasants are already low, this will not restrict too much growth.

Lightning Strike

 Effect: Destroys a random portion of runes between 30-65%.


 Effect: 50% chance to reduce aid shipment to 55%-80% of original size.


 Effect: Turns up to 13% of opponent's science back into research, 65% of this science is relearned, the rest is destroyed.


 Effect: Returns around 1.5% of the military troops (specialists, elites and thieves) under training for 8 days.

Mystic Vortex

 Effect: Nullifies spells on the enemy province (50% chance per spell).

Meteor Showers

 Effect: Kills peasants and troops (soldiers, specialists and elites) at home each Utopian Day the spell is active.


 Effect: Destroys a small and random portion of buildings.

Land Lust

 Effect: Captures a small and random (up to 1,35%) of the enemy land.