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Kingdom Rituals (KR) are a new mechanic introduced in Age 72 that serves as a kingdom-wide bonus. The Monarch or Steward can begin a ritual.

Kingdom Ritual Page

The Kingdom Ritual page will also display various information such as:

  • current KR status (type and strength)
  • whether a new ritual is being cast
  • how many more successful casts are necessary

For enemies: an active Kingdom Ritual will be displayed via Spy on Throne, where you will see which KR is active and current strength

Types of Kingdom Rituals

There are seven kinds of Kingdom Rituals:

Kingdom Rituals
Ritual Description
  • +20% Income, +25% Draft Speed
  • +10% Defensive Military Efficiency, -20% Enemy Spell/Operation Damage, +15% Defensive WPA and TPA
  • -20% Military Training Time, -25% Training Costs (includes Thieves), -20% Construction Times, -25% Construction Costs
  • +10% Combat Gains, +20% Honor Gains on Attacks
  • -10% Attack Time, -15% Offensive Casualties
  • +30% Offensive WPA and TPA, +10% Spell/Operation Damage
  • +10% Offensive Military Efficiency, +15% Enemy Casualties on Attacks

Completing A Ritual

To complete the ritual the Kingdom must cast the ritual spell (found on the Ritual tab) 80 times within 48 hours of the ritual being started. The ritual spell has a difficulty similar to the most difficult self spell, a very expensive rune cost (Cost Multiplier = 6) and costs 2% mana per cast.

A successful Kingdom Ritual will last for 48-120 hours. While only one KR can be active, another KR can be started before the active KR ends, very similar to Dragons. Once the KR is completed, the previous KR will be replaced. All users will have a KR page; only on this page you will have the KR spell available to help initiate the KR.

Destroying A Ritual

As of Age 73, rituals are destroyable via the Abolish Ritual spell. This spell reduces the strength of the Ritual by a flat rate of 2%. Abolish Ritual can only be cast on a single province a maximum of 10 times such that, in order to destroy a Ritual from 100% to 0%, you would need to cast the spell 10x on 5 different provinces.

Once a Ritual reaches 0% strength it will be removed, unless it has not reached it's minimum duration of 48 hours, at which point it will remain until the 48th tick and be removed at that time.

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