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Role & Style of Play

There are many elements that make up the game of Utopia, and far too many for a single ruler to have their hand in all of them. To help simplify your strategy, you'll need to focus on a specific "role" that you'll play in your kingdom. Roles are divided into three categories: Thief, Mage, and Attacker. Hybrids version of each category also exist.


Thieves rely on operations to give them an advantage. From killing troops to tactical economic warfare to propaganda operations the Thief has a varied arsenal at his disposal. Thieves excel at intelligence operations, allowing them to retrieve accurate data on their enemies. The Rogue personality confers extra boosts to an Thief.


Mages practice the Arcane to further benefit themselves. A Mages' spells can buff their own province to provide an advantage or directly damage an enemy. Wizards cannot be directly trained, but must be acquired over time. The Mystic personality will increase the effectiveness of a Mages Guilds and provide access to a powerful spell.


Attackers rely on damaging troops attacks to hurt their opponents. These attacks vary from marches that wrest land from an opponent to bloodthirsty rampages that lay waste to an opponents dwellings.

Race & Personality

To start yourself off on the right foot, you should take your time in choosing a Race and Personality that matches the style you wish to play and the role you want to fit into. It's very important to know and understand the different ways to improve your province; everything from Building your land to the Arts & Sciences. You'll find that even small bonuses build up over time.


If you ever wish to obtain power, fame, or fortune, you must understand the basics of expanding your province and building your infrastructure. While war is always an option for growth, in many instances, you will need to peacefully expand your province.

Arts & Sciences

Arts & Sciences are a long term method of investment, designed to allow players to gradually build their own choice of bonuses. While this field may not give a very large instant reward, you will find that given time, it's a benefit worth having. A small amount of bonuses, after all, is better than not having a bonus at all, is it not? Feel free to take your time and explore this option; you may find it useful in the long run.


Throughout your time in Utopia, you will find that your military will become exactly what you want it to be. Like a majority of the choices given, you will find that there is some risk in the various options you may pursue. Drafting too low, or not paying your troops enough, might result in not being able to properly defend your land, or fight against some others, however, draft too high and you'll find your peasants may not be able to effectively run your buildings. This balance you will have to take some time with, although I am sure neighboring provinces may be able to offer you some help.

You will find, over time, that there are more options available, and that communicating with the neighboring provinces within your kingdom is a good foot to start on.

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