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Brief Summary

Monarchs can invite people to join their kingdom from the Invitations page. This page is accessible via the Invite tab under the "recruit" link, which is added to the Monarch's navigation menu.

Sending Invitations

There are two kinds of invitations available for a Monarch to send:

  • Kingdom Invitations - to move into a free space in a kingdom
  • Province Invitations - to move into an abandoned province in a kingdom

Invitations can be sent to leaders of another province within the game and to email addresses of people without a current province.

Invitations are honoured on a first-come, first-served basis. A Monarch can invite multiple people to move into the same single space in his/her kingdom. The first person to accept the invitation will successfully move into the space. Subsequent attempts by others to accept the invitation will fail gracefully explaining that the invitation has been taken up already by another player. A player moving into an already established province will assume command of that province without any changes to it. A player moving into a free space in the kingdom may choose their race, personality, ruler and province name as long as they do not have an existing province. If they have an existing province that province will be moved to the kingdom and enter protection (at 400 acres) with the same ruler name, province name, race, and personality. Players should choose to abandon/delete their current province before moving in order to be able to select a desired province makeup. Please note however that the free "Reset" option is not available to provinces once Freeze time has expired.

For short periods of time, some places in a kingdom may be empty, but reserved for other players. Invitations can not be issued for these reserved spaces.

Receiving Invitations

Existing Player

When an invitation is sent to the leader of an existing province, the invitation will be displayed on the Province Lobby page for that player. Even if the player's province dies, the player will still be able to access the invitation until he/she either accepts or rejects it.

Email Address

An email will be sent to the email address. The email will explain that it is an invitation to join The monarch's message (filled out by the monarch when issuing the invitation) is also included. The email will include an invitation URL which the recipient may follow to view a formatted version of the invitation. If the recipient signs up to Utopia at this point they will see the invitation in the Province Lobby as with any other existing player. The account used to sign up must be associated with the email used to receive the Invitation.

Increasing Invitations

Every Age kingdoms are allocated 3 invitation codes. These codes are automatically incremented by 1 every 3 weeks (to a max of 3 free invitations at any one time) and do not carry over from Age to Age. Kingdoms have the option of purchasing a new Invitation via a link on the Invitations page. Free Invites are always consumed before paid Invites. Free invitations are awarded on January 1 YR 3, YR 6, YR 9, and YR 12 if you have fewer than 3 free invitations at that time.

Empty Kingdoms

Game admins will be able to create new empty kingdoms to move people into should they wish to start a new kingdom. Minimum 3 people to create a kingdom, 7 free invites provided.

The Wall

Introduced with Age 68, Monarchs now have the option to block random provinces from joining the Kingdom.

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