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Reservations are free spaces in kingdoms that have been reserved for particular players.

Age Transition

When an age ends and players elect to stay with their kingdom for the next age a reservation will be created for them.

Age Beginning

At the beginning of a new age players who elected to stay with their kingdom will be given the option of taking up their reservation (to rejoin their teammates) or creating a new province in a random kingdom (giving up their reservation). If a player forfeits their reservation, the reserved place in the kingdom immediately becomes a normal free space.

Age End

At the end of an age each province is given the opportunity to elect to stay with their kingdom for the next age. Those that do wish to stay will have a reservation created for them in their new kingdom so they can rejoin their teammates in the next age.

3 days before age end the Kingdoms Monarch is granted the ability to extend Reservations to other players. The number of Reservations available to be granted to other players is equal to the number of empty Reservation slots in the Kingdom.

These Reservations must be accepted before the Age ends. Upon the new Age starting the players will be given the same options to use their Reservations as detailed in the above section.


Under normal circumstances when a province is killed the player has the option of recreating his/her province in the same kingdom. Such a player will find a reservation on the Province Lobby page upon their next visit.

If a killed province had endured multiple attacks from within its own kingdom it will not be allowed to respawn in that same kingdom. No reservation will be created. The player can only create a new province in a random kingdom or accept an invitation if he/she has any available.

Reservation Expiry

Reservations typically only last for two days. After two days the reservation will be deleted from the system. It cannot be recovered. This is to avoid spaces in kingdoms being reserved but unused for long periods of time.

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