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MunkBot is a developer tool that was introduced in Age 71. This tool has been created in particular for third-party targetfinders to operate more efficiently, without stressing the Utopia servers. Any targetfinders found running that scrape the Utopia kingdom pages are going to be banned.

The tool updates every 15 minutes (but offset from the tick, so at 5, 20, 35, and 50 minutes into the hour), and contains the following information:

  • Kingdom-level:
    • Location
    • Number of provinces
    • Kingdom name
    • Stance
    • Wars
    • Kingdom Land
    • Kingdom NW
    • Kingdom honor
  • Province-level:
    • Location
    • Land
    • Province name
    • Protection status
    • Race
    • Honor Rank (e.g. lord, baron -- not the numerical value)
    • Networth

Setting up MunkBot in Discord for the Kingdom

If you would like to set up MunkBot in your private discord channel, you must purchase "Discord for intel-site" from the in-game shop. Once you purchase this item, you can invite the bot into your discord channel to have remote access to the bot outside of being in-game to use it.

Adding intel to MunkBot

Your province information is automatically uploaded to MunkBot.

  • Navigate to the various pages that information is pulled from to update your details (Throne, Military, Buildings, Science, Mystic page with current spells)
  • Additional information that can be uploaded includes the Kingdom page, Province News and Kingdom News

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